Tara Without Tent By Oduigwe Chidera Dok

Tara without tent? She is being conceived and probably during nine months, she is being delivered. After that she is being breastfed exclusively for eighteen months with parental care and love.

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With time, if not soon, she starts to integrate herself into the universe that is amazingly awesome. But before her integration into the universe, the social class or position of the family she finds herself starts to pull on her development.

Despite the environmental pull on her, she must be fascinated with one or more things that she feels comfortable doing within the vast universe.

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From being fascinated about such a thing, she may decide to work towards achieving such a dream, maybe a pilot per se.

If such an enthusiastic person happens to come from a low income family, the dream may be challenged by circumstances.

Yes the talent is ever present but then what happens to the needed resources for proper execution? Has frustrations and lack of support masked the needed resources?

Has the dream now become mere imagination? Has it become impossible to achieve or reach? What has actually happened to that your wonderful heart desires and dreams?

Where is that pilot, engineer, politician, banker, actor/actress, business-minded person, medical doctor, legal practitioner, teacher you once adorned to be?

Has lack of finance denied you that profession? Is lack of support the adversary? Well, this might be the case of the very person reading this article now.

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A highly talented person who seats out there only watching people who have the financial muscle and support accomplish that long awaited dream of yours and whenever you observe this, you become desolate and despondent.

You appear as if there is talent but no shekel or there is Tara without Tent.

Ndaa, be patient, be patient and don’t quit as what you are passing through now is the potential sowing period and the very next period, which is of course near, is the desired period of harvesting.

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