Tanner Adell – Backroad

Tanner Adell – Backroad mp3 download. Backroad is a beautiful Country song by Tanner Adell. Tanner is here to unapologetically pave her own lane of Country music. Brought up between the coast of Manhattan Beach, California and the rustic charm of Star Valley, Wyoming, the songstress lived a free-spirited childhood in the country, complete with cowboy boots and rodeos.

Weaving the tales of her upbringing through her musical storytelling, Tanner’s lyricism keeps their roots in Country while infusing an addictive blend of pop vocals and hip-hop beats.

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Tanner spills out energetic tunes and honest ballads that draw upon her personal narrative as a biracial woman embracing the truest version of herself.

Hear Tanner reclaim the power back for the girls with her debut mixtape, Buckle Bunny, a first for the Country genre.

The rising star promises to keep reimagining music with unbridled innovation while making her mark on Music City and beyond.

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Song Review;

  1. I feel like we should be calling her glitter country. Like she makes legit popular, fun, glittery type music. But it’s still country as hell.
  2. I just discovered Tanner and let me tell you she has no skip song. The whole discography is amazing.
  3. Love you Tanner!!!! Been watching you grow into such a confident beautiful woman over the last few years and I’m so proud of you and all you’ve overcome! Keep that smile shining baby girl!!!
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Artist Name: Tanner Adell

Song Title: Backroad

Year Released: 2023

YouTube Video