Sugar Apple: Health Benefit Of ATIS Fruit And Side Effects

Health benefit of ATIS fruit and side effects? There are a lot of health benefits of Atis fruit you may really know about. Sugar apple also known as Atis fruit, sugar apple and sweetsop is the species belonging to Annonaceae family.

Atis fruit is inherent to tropical Americas like Peru, Mexico, and Central America and is also grown widely for its juicy, fragrant and flavorful fruit.

The Portuguese and Spanish traders were given the credit of bringing it to Asia.

It is referred to as atis in the Philippines; the Nepalese refers to it as aati, ata by the Bengals, aajaa by the Burmese, and the Indiana refer to it as the custard apple.

The atis fruit is equally loaded with numerous health benefits that we would be discussing in thisvery article.

Meanwhile, if you want to know how you can benefit from the atis fruit, then read on.

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Nutritional Facts Of Atis Fruit

Atis fruit is considered a high-carb food rich in Vitamin C, calcium, and phosphorus. The sugar apple seeds contain alkaloids and neutral resin.

Its sugar content ratio is also rated at 50% sucrose and 50% glucose. Other micronutrients that the atis fruit has include;

  • Iron
  • Fiber
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B6
  • Macronutrients
  • Magnesium
  • Copper
  • Carbs
  • Protein
  • Copper

Sugar Apple: Health Benefit Of ATIS Fruit And Side Effects


The atis fruit has plenty nutritional benefits that the body can gain from. It is rumored to be the next gigantic super-fruit, but could that be close to the truth?

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What is the benefit of ATIS fruit?

Let’s evaluate some of the health benefits of the atis fruit that might make you want to consider adding it to your diet.

It Prevents Anaemia

Those who are suffering from anaemia may consume sugar apple to recover. This disease is caused by the iron deficiency in the body.

In another hand, the symptoms of this disease may vary.

However, the most frequent symptoms that could happen are the presence of dizziness and chronic fatigue.

Then, at this matter, sugar apple is a good option to help you in preventing anaemia as it has an essential source of iron composition inside.

May Help To Prevent Asthma Attacks

About 1 in 12 Americans suffer asthma attack. People with asthma may benefit from atis fruit due to its high vitamin C content.

Vitamin C can be taken to minimize the risk of having asthma attacks by clearing the airways and keeping it open.

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Bronchial inflammations can also be reduced by the presence of vitamin B6 present in the sugar apple.

Can Help To Improve The Health Of The Heart

The health of your heart is solely dependent on how healthy your diet is. Including atis fruit to your diet may be helpful in improving the health of your heart.

The presence of magnesium in the fruits helps to calm the muscles and the nervous system. Not only that, it also helps to prevent strokes and heart attacks.

Other benefits of the atis fruit is the abundance of vitamin B3 and fiber as it helps to improve high-density lipoprotein (good HDL) cholesterol and minimize low-density lipoprotein (bad LDL) cholesterol.

Helps To Boost The Immune System

Atis fruit is a rich source of antioxidant vitamin C, which contains immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties.

The vitamin B present in the fruit also help to minimize fatigue by flooding the body with enough energy to last the day.

Help To Lower High Blood Pressure

The arterial walls get thick when the blood pressure is raised. This causes the heart to be stressed beyond normal.

Atis fruit is loaded with plenty of potassium and sodium, which are great tools needed in regulating blood pressure.

Improves Brain Health

The vitamin B complex present in atis fruit can be used to control the levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid present in the body.

This also helps to minimize tension, irritability, depression, and stress.

Has Anti-Cancer Properties

Atis fruit has been blessed with active anti-cancer properties. The custard apple has alkaloids and acetogenin that helps to reduce the risk of cancer.

The bark of the fruit also contains astringent and tannins properties that can be useful in the treatment of various tumors and cancers.

Helps To Control The Level Of Blood Sugar

Diabetes is a condition that is known to be caused by a high level of sugar present in the blood.

90 to 95% of Americans are affected by type 2 diabetes. The fiber in the custard apple helps to slow down how the body absorbs blood sugar that can equally minimize the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Helps Pregnant Women

Atis fruit is rich in folate, which is very vital for pregnant women.

The essential nutrient will help develop the immune system, nervous system, and immune system of a fetus.5 Surprising Fruits That Will Help You Burn Belly Fat

Regularly consuming atis fruits may be used to minimize the risk of miscarriages and reduce labor pain during childbirth.

Helps To Reduce The Risk Of Arthritis

Arthritis is considered a degenerative disease that affects the joints, causing pain and swelling.

Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the most common types of arthritis.

Atis fruit contains magnesium that can be used in controlling and balancing the water in the body, which works to eliminate acid from the joints.

This can in turn be used to minimize symptoms associated with rheumatism and arthritis.

Helps To Improve Skin And Health Of Hair

The vitamin C present in the custard apple can be used in the treatment of skin infections and diseases, including eczema, boil, abscesses, and psoriasis.

The fruit’s antioxidants are equally great for skin rejuvenation.

The oil extracted from the fruit can be applied as hair moisturizer, and can be used in the prevention of hair loss, inflammation in the scalp, dandruff treatment, premature greying of the hair, and scaly scalp.

It also helps to stimulate the follicles for the growth of hair. Your hair can benefit from the iron, copper, and vitamin C present in the fruit.

How To Eat Atis Fruit

Atis fruit is best eaten by cutting it into two halves or by pulling it apart using your hands, then scoop out the flesh using a spoon and simply eat.

Lime can also be added to improve flavour.

The atis fruit, according to people who have eaten it, tastes like custard added to pear flesh or a boiled apple.

The fruit’s flesh that’s closest to the skin tastes a little bitter, so it’s best to avoid biting into it if you can’t stand the bitter taste.

Once ripened, you would have to eat it within two or three days. You can also enjoy your atis fruit by making a purée from the fruit’s flesh.

You can also add your purée to your yogurt, coconut ice cream, or your homemade baked foods.

It can also be used to make custard apple cream, custard apple sauce, and even caramel odd custard apple bruschetta. You could also try experimenting with the fruit.

Traditional Uses Of Atis Fruit

Sugar-apple-(atis fruit)
Sugar-apple-(atis fruit)
  • Seeds are used to treat head lice.
  • Unripe fruits, leaves, root and extracts of bark are used for treating rheumatism, fevers, dysentery, diarrhea and other ailments.
  • An infusion made from fruit and leaves aids digestion and treats rheumatism.
  • Leaves infusion supports digestion.
  • Apply oil extracted from leaves to head for sleeplessness.
  • In India, crushed leaves are used for overcoming hysteria and fainting spells.
  • Crushed leaves are applied to wounds and ulcers.
  • The decoction made from leaves is used to cure dysentery.
  • Add leaf decoction to baths to provide relief from rheumatic pain.
  • In Philippines, leaves are applied as poultice in case of dyspepsia in children.
  • The boiled decoction of leaves promotes menstrual flow and also used for treating colds, dysentery and fever.
  • Inhale the crushed leaves for fainting and dizziness.
  • In Philippines, juice of unripe fruit is applied to infected insect bites.
  • Apply the crushed seeds or seed powder with coconut oil to the scalp to eliminate lice.
  • Use the seed decoction as enema for children with dyspepsia.
  • The infusion made from bark is used as a tonic to control dysentery and diarrhea.
  • Use an unripe fruit for treating indigestion and loose stool.
  • Apply the leaves paste topically for tumors and ulcers.
  • Use leaves extract in herbal baths for providing relief from rheumatism or arthritis.

Sugar Apple: Health Benefit Of ATIS Fruit And Side Effects

  • It may cause eye irritation
  • It may cause abortion, hence avoid use when pregnant
  • It causes allergy, hence allergic people should avoid it

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