Stingy Men Association Of Nigeria: Reasons Why Nigerian Men Are Becoming -

Stingy Men Association Of Nigeria: Reasons Why Nigerian Men Are Becoming

Stingy Men Association Of Nigeria: Reasons why Nigerian men are becoming stingy. It’s no longer new to everyone on social media that a new movement has created and it has gone viral on the internet: #stingymenassociationofnigeria.

Countless of men who are celebrities such as Don Jazzy, Mr. Macaroni, etc have joined this movement and it’s making waves on the internet. But many people don’t know the reasons or cause of this movement while some might be aware already.

A twitter user, @StingyMenPro posted on his page the story and reasons behind the #stingymenassociationofnigeria movement which started going viral few days ago.

The movement went viral in just few days and many people don’t know the reasons behind it or cause of this gallant movement.

However, I have decided to make research as to why Nigerian Men decided to make this nasty decision this very New Year.

Remember, my opinion may not actually be true or acceptable to everyone but it has some atom of truth in it. Let’s consider the following

  1. Nigerian Ladies’ Dependency: Nigerian ladies are found of doing nothing than cashing out from men, LOL! Some are seriously jobless MENTALLY.

Nowadays in Nigeria, most ladies are into a relationship not because they love they love guy but because he has money coupled with their high expenses.

They want to drive exotic cars, apply expensive creams, wear most timely and expensive clothes, fix expensive wigs, nails and live in world most expensive houses without having a good paying job or financial background.

Honestly, where do you think all these expensive stuffs are coming from? From the “gods” or miracle alert?

Actually, Nigerian men are now realizing that they would work tirelessly and one “bae” would come and claim his hard earned cash.

Honestly speaking, it is very annoying for most Nigerian Men and majority of them now are trying to avoid these crazy shits this New Year 2021 as the previous year taught them great lessons of life.

Hence, the formation of #StingyMenAssociationofNigeria.

  1. Impact Of 2020 Lockdown

The year 2020 taught many Nigerian men great lessons of life. Some lost their job(s), business and source of income and a lot of them are looking up to this year in order to cover-up for the losses last year.

Actually, no single man living here in Nigeria that didn’t felt the impact of the lockdown last year.

So many Nigerian men even went to borrowing in order to sustain and survive with the aim of paying back this year 2021.

Therefore, with such an impact, many Nigerian men are weighing their pocket before giving out Shishi or one naira this time around.

  1. Bad Government

Can you guest who the proposed leader is? Actually, Nigerian Twitter user has crowned President Buhari as the president of Stingy Men Association.

When a government is bad, the citizens will start acting the other way round. The country has faced a lot of challenges and there is no gainsaying that majority of Nigerians are not enjoying any dividends from the government.

If the government can be stingy over its citizens, then tell me the reasons why Nigerian men will not support any group or sorority that encourages stinginess?

Remember, when the foundation or system is bad and weak, the whole building will likely collapse. Can you recall what happened during #ENDSARS protest?

Honestly, bad government has a major role to play when it comes to this very association of stingy men in Nigeria.

Finally, as for me, frustration can lead to all kinds of scenario and the creation of #StingyMenAssociationofNigeria (commonly called SMAN) is an evidence to that.

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