Should I Eat Organic Foods? -

Should I Eat Organic Foods?

It is true most people eat vegetables and fruits; but the question is, do we get the nutrients we are supposed to get from them? Most of the vegetables we eat have been sprayed with pesticides which are chemicals or control agents made to kill insects, weeds and fungal pests that damage crops. They are also grown with fertilizers. These chemicals in large amounts have been found to cause illnesses. The only way out is to eat organic foods.


They are foods that are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Although organic foods do not necessarily mean toxin free, as plants produce their own natural toxins, but at least your chances of getting man-made pesticides residues in your diets will be low. To remove pesticides from your vegetable and fruits, always soak them in water that you have put vinegar in for an hour and rinse.

Farmers can use natural pesticides and organic fertilizers like compost and manure. And to you; why allow that piece of land in your backyard lie fallow? Get seeds of vegetables and plant. Nothing can be so refreshing like eating them fresh. Abi no be so…?


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