Shane O – 7 Jacket Mp3 Download & Lyrics

Shane O – 7 Jacket Mp3 Download & Lyrics. Roshain McDonald, Better known by his stage name Shane O, Singer-songwriter, who delves into a wide variety of reggae music.

His debut single “Lightning Flash” is a song provoking dance. The single following, “Last Days’ focuses on the struggle of the inner city youth to survive and celebrates the lives of those who have made it.

His latest single “Better Urself,”  a song about a couple with romance and no finance, the guy suggests they separate, find rich partners and return better off.

Shane O has written songs for and collaborated with a variety of well-known artists.

Artist Name: Shane O

Song Title: 7 Jacket

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Year Released: 2022

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Shane O – 7 Jacket Lyrics;

Bun till me bun up yeah
Bun till me bun up yeah

[Verse 1]
She give me seven jacket,deven two pants fi match it
Yo dah gyal yah wicked,man wicked to but watch it
How dah eye deh so big,fimme still deh inna socket
Wish God could a tek back deh gyal yah cratchiz
Yo di pickney too unruly, a affi poppy
Dah one deh so black,a must didi a eh daddy
Principle dat should a print pon yuh baggy
But a f**k me as yuh see mi print all over yuh body

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Dem say Zeena a fi Patrick a di topic
Dem say Kevin a fi di don wid eh matic,him will clap it
Jim a fi di soup weh always a stop di traffic
And Tony a fi di man weh serve di flitters wid eh coffee
Oh God,Yeah

Man and man fava yeah
Man and man fava yeah
Man and man fava
Yuh might think a your pickney but hear wah
Next man a knock it inna di area yeah
When she hungry she get sharer
Jacket deh it too big it need fi see di tailor yeah
Man and man fava yeah
Man and man fava yeah
Man and man fava
Might think a your pickney but hear wah

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[Verse 2]
Di last one dead stamp,mi think a mine
But mi never know she did a f**k a nigga,yeah we look alike
Memba di one weh mi tell yuh did fava didi
Mi never know she did a share dah one deh wid Foota Hype
She knock di don,she knock di soup
So she a look a stripe
Local layer,when she ready she look a flight
Yuh pride and yuh dignity that you shouldn’t put aside
Come out a mi bloodclaat house and go look a life

(Repeat Pre-Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Pre-Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus).