Sexual Abuse And Its Toll On Us -

Sexual Abuse And Its Toll On Us

I’ve been a victim, a survivor and I now know what it feels like, to be like a piece of dirty rag. You’re happy and excited today but by tomorrow, the family member who you think really likes you is trying to take advantage of you.

You try to refuse him, but he already knows your weaknesses. He emotionally blackmails you and gives you reasons to feel bad because you stood your ground. You try to speak up but no one is there to listen to you. You then don’t know who else to relate to.

You may even manage to find strength to voice out, but no one believes you and with their mouths, they abuse you for the second time. And then, you’re terribly down, heartbroken and shattered.

Now you’re emotionally drained, you’ve lost your creativity and you’re beginning to hate men/women because of the abusive experience you encountered before now. Some, if not all, may end up as lesbians and gays.

This very hatred for the opposite sex wouldn’t just go away. The ones who don’t turn gay, may end up being really promiscuous having sex at every point, without a second thought.

Male survivors who don’t find healing, even end up seeing women as only but a tool for sexual gratification and a war to conquer. Female survivors, on the other hand who don’t find healing too end up as prostitutes, taking cloud-9 trips with every being with a third leg.

The ones, who come to hate sex, would rather not having anything to do with the opposite sex, including marriage. Do you now see? More than what we think, it’s a ripple effect, negatively affecting more than just the victim.

In some cases however, the victims of rape may turn to become rapists themselves. Bitter right? And the cycle goes on…..That is the toll on us.

But what actually are you doing to put a stop to this very vampire trend? Honestly, you have to build a safer world, a world where children are left to become children. A world, where there’s no or very little issues of sexual violence or abuse.

Take it upon yourself to save that child, the society and the future. Remember, together we build.


From: Chidera Ochuagu

Teen&Child Advocate,


Writer/Tech Enthusiast

Business lover




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