See Why Peace Of Mind Is Your Most Expensive Property

See why peace of mind is your most expensive property. A whole lot of time, the pressures we experience aren’t from our peers and parents and work places. The pressures come from ourselves.

We want to do like others, we want to have what other people have.We want to dress the way our peers are dressing.We want to show off, we want to have a girlfriend and a boyfriend too, we want to get married too and get featured on famous blogs.

We want….. We want…. We want again, we want more.

And then, we set ourselves up for pressure. We begin to put ourselves under pressure even when other people are quiet.



Some things in life

just take time, you can’t do anything about it and we have to begin to understand this.


Somethings are not just for you, not because you’re bad or because you cannot manage it, but, maybe because having it will do you more harm than good, so, we have to learn to start embracing it.

Somethings just delay, you have to be positive at all times so you can wait patiently for it.

When you learn to flow with the tides of time, to do the things you can, and leave the things you have no control over, you won’t be under pressure and even external forces wouldn’t be able to pressurize you to a large extent.

Value your peace of mind, it is one treasure you should hold with every fiber of your being, you loose it, you become a walking corpse.

Giving up your peace of mind to please others is a very risky sacrifice, and most often it leaves you broken and shattered…..

My ladies, there are so many thing life can offer you, very many beautiful things and marriage is just one out of these things.

Your peace shouldn’t ever be sacrificed on the altar of marriage, Marriage is a beautiful thing, very beautiful that it should add to your peace, not take away the one you have.

Escape the pressure, Use your feminine power, draw the path your life should lead and follow it.

Own all your vibes and energy and strength, own it.A_lady_listening_to_music_and_smiling

You are not too loud, unleash the champion within, set the hero free, the person who’d complement your super abilities will come around and give you all the peace you deserve.

For the pressure, you shouldn’t be found in it… You deserve happiness and joy and peace. Stay away from people and things who are virus to your peace of mind.…. People who think you have to become their definition of success before you’re considered worthy.

Stay away…. Protect your peace…. It’s your most expensive property.

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