Salif Keita – Africa Mp3 Download, Video & Lyrics

Salif Keita – Africa Mp3 Download, Video & Lyrics. Born on 25th August 1949 in Djoliba. Salif Keïta is a Malian talented singer-songwriter, referred to as the “Golden Voice of Africa”. He is a member of the Keita royal family of Mali. 

However, I heard this very song tagged “Africa” (not for the first time though) during the live commentary of African Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2023 being hosted by Ivory Coast in January 2024.

I was touched as a true African man who wished to see my dearest African sisters and brothers achieve their goals in life without being cut short by “out-world” or communal violence.

However, it’s to my best interest to share this ever-green song to my fans all over the globe to listen to and feel AFRICAN. Ndewoo!!!!

Concerning the song however, the opening line of Salif Keita’s song “Africa” sets the tone for the rest of the track: “Africa is my descent.” The lyrics speak to Keita’s deep connection to and pride in his African heritage, even as he resides far from home.

He acknowledges that the land he lives on isn’t necessarily meant for him, as it was historically colonized by outsiders who forced their own ways of life onto the indigenous population.

The second stanza of the song is particularly poignant, as Keita references the idea of blood as a defense. He wants his own blood to protect future generations, to keep them safe from harm and help them find their way in the world.

By beating a drum, Keita and those around him won’t be defeated; he sees his role as both a leader and a protector of his people, regardless of where they may come from.

The final two stanzas of the song speak to the idea of love and the interconnectedness of all people.

Keita sees himself and his soul as one with those around him, regardless of their backgrounds – an idea that’s especially powerful in today’s increasingly divided world. By dedicating his life to the wellbeing of future generations, Keita is speaking to a universal desire for love, understanding, and unity.

Song Reviews;

  1. My African heritage is calling!! I discovered this song and I fell in love with it. Greetings to all Africa from your distant Caribbean brother of Puerto Rico.
  2. 2023 and this song just takes me back to my childhood days in the 90s.Heard it on an advertisement back then and now i find it on youtube.The whole Africa must be proud of this piece.
  3. We still love Salif Keita even if we don’t understand the song but we can hear is a wonderful song from South Africa.

Artist Name: Salif Keita

Song Title: Africa

Year Relreased: 1995

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