Rhett Walker- Man On The Middle Cross & Review

This amazing song titled “Man On The Middle Cross” was Written by Rhett Walker himself, Matthew West, AJ Pruis & Matt Jenkins and it was released in the year 2023.

With that said, Rhett Walker was born on February 24th, 1997 in South Carolina, U.S.A. He is an American renowned singer, especially gospel songs and songwriter. Raised the son of a pastor, Walker grew up performing as a drummer at his church.

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A tumultuous adolescence led him back to the Christian faith at 17 years old, where he began to perform worship songs as a lead vocalist.

However, this particular song by Walker, promises to bless your soul as you listen to it. Remember, Jesus is the reason for the season. Hallelujah!!!!!!

Song Review;

  1. This song hit me like a ton of bricks. As someone who doesn’t have much to do with my family and has made a bunch of mistakes in life. It hit right in the heart to remember that the man in the middle is always there to bring you back, no matter how far away you get.
  2. I heard this song for the first time today. I was feeling depressed and asked my girlfriend to pray for me. I decided to listen to my local Christian radio station, and this song was playing. Almost immediately, my depression was taken away. I listened to a few more songs, and His power is amazing!
  3. Great song, it brings tears to my eyes when I think that JESUS suffered all that HE did for a sinner like me, and not just for me, but for the whole world.
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Artistt Name: Rhett Walker

Song Title: Man On The Middle Cross

Year Released: 2023

YouTube Video