Finally your dream has come to pass, your heart desire is now yours, your midnight pains and agony has been relieved. Now you are shining, glowing, living the life you wanted to live. Making your own decisions with your heart beat relaxed. For you, hustling don pay and you don make am. Actually you have really made it but just before you make that next move, take a look backward and consider, at one point of your life, if there is any person or people that played an important role towards your uplifting.

If it happens to be my father, he will rightly say “Nwa’m (my son or daughter) monitor your ways.” Yes like my father’s statement, monitor those processes that lead you to where you are today. Maybe some of the people that contributed to your success are almost down to earth now, sick or in lack. Please never forget that some of them made a wonderful and priceless sacrifice just to see you “up dia.” The person might be your father, mother, sister, brother, HE or SHE.

However, despite what must have been transpired between you and the person, know you that he or she deserves your remembrance and recommendation. Truly, he or she deserves your appreciation. Don’t you know that he or she longs to see you again and feel that bond that held you people together then? Honestly, the person is like a strange voice that has been calling for SMS (Save My Soul).

He or she is like the voice in the wilderness calling for your help saying “Remember me no matter what I did to you.” That voice is really calling me and you today to remember the past. Obi m, (my heart) please do remember them!!!

From: Oduigwe Chidera Dok.

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