Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Look For Wife Or Husband On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Whatsapp

Social Media has in recent times grown to be a platform where people look for love. There are a lot of groups and pages on the various social media platforms where people solicit relationships.

Majority of the people who express interest in looking for love on social media are mostly males. Few of the females are able to come out boldly.

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Interestingly, most of the relationships on social media do not end successfully. Some even end without the partners seeing each other.

I’ve never advised any man or woman to resort to social media for love because most people on social media are just not genuine or living a “fake life”. Most of them are needlessly desperate.

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Look For A Wife On Social Media:

  1. Majority of the ladies on social media, who are desperately looking for love are single mothers who are in desperate need of financial assistance. What those ladies are looking for is not actually love rather assistance.

They appear to be overly caring and they cunningly exhibit higher level of submissiveness and care. Real love exist outside social media.

  1. Desperation leads most ladies into looking for love via social media. When ladies reach their “prime age” of 29-33 and marriage doesn’t look anywhere closer, they join social media and dating site as their last resort.

When desperation becomes the basis for a relationship, it always ends in anger and tears

  1. Most ladies who resort to social media for love have low self-esteem. Such ladies desire to be noticed but have a great fear of being humiliated. The only place they can take solace is through social media.

They mistake their need for comfort, compliment and positive feedback for love. They also misinterpret lust for love.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Look For A Husband On Social Media

  1. Men who pretend to look for love on social media are really not interested in finding love. They just want an opportunity to explore their sexual prowess. Fortunately for them, they often succeed at that because they also meet people who are desperate too.
  • No serious man will resort to social media for love if not for adventure and pleasure, hold me accountable for this.
  1. Most men on social media are there to purposely flirt and nothing more. They end up wasting the time of ladies.

The “Flirt-Boys” appear dapper with sweet words and some level of seriousness which are all ploys to woo unsuspecting ladies/babes.

  1. A lot of men who pretend to love on social media do it for the fun of it. They just do it because they feel like doing it.

Any serious lady considering to settle down should take her time and make the right choice. The men on social media are just not ready to settle down. They are there to have fun and share in the fun with their friends.

If you are a bit cynical over the above tips, please drop your comments. Your contributions count…..

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