Quench Not The Spirit In You -

Quench Not The Spirit In You

May be you saw it in your dreams, and you usually think over it day-by-day. In your New Year resolution, you embrace that lifestyle that you think will help to achieve your dream. Also, you may or not have prayed over it again and again.

It has been burning internally in you, and it has been there in your dear heart long ago. It has become the driving force that pushes you to the next level, just because you believe it will come to fulfillment soon.

But sometimes rather you are sleepless, temporarily suffering from insomnia at night or at any resting period. From having sleepless night, fear starts to creep into your heart just to cage that desire of yours. And when negative thoughts have held you bound, you now start to lose focus. When you lose focus, then you are derailed from your part (heart desire).

This happens when your spirit has been quenched. Your spirit can be quenched whenever you are depressed (unstable state of mind), when you have lost that which you valued so much (may be your loved one), when all your plans seem not to be working, when your 24/7 effort has been futile and you have nothing to show for it, when circumstances have brushed off your current stand, when your immediate source of income has been terminated, and when things seem to be working against you, or when he or she broke your heart.

Those things may try to disappoint you and quench your positive mindset, but know you that you are a project that is on course. And when you are done, you can’t be a disappointment. Believe that you are a divine project, and you will never be abandoned for any reason like that.

So therefore, if you have fallen in anyway, just try as much as you can to stand up and dust yourself. If you have been disappointed, corral your tears and broken feelings and face the reality. If you have no money, don’t stop pushing because you can make it in abundance tomorrow.

Is it fortune that you lost? Don’t just quit instead move ahead because there are more beyond. May be you have not made it till now, remember that future holds the best for you. If you are depressed, bear in mind that second chance is very much available and it’s always better than the former. Never forget that you are born for a purpose and that purpose is nothing than your impact or contributions to life.

What then are your contributions? To quit now? To commit suicide? To be restless or depressed? Eeeeeeeh? Nnaaa….., don’t quench that spirit of success in you. That spirit of positivity, hardworking, appreciation, confidence, hope, faith, purpose, breaking limits, that overcoming spirit, quench it not so that the giant in you can rise and dominate.

Honestly, it’s my earnest pray that your heart desires come to pass, but you have a price to pay; Quench not the spirit that will lead you to that promise land. One African Proverbs said “It is the tasty soup that draws the table closer.” Draw from the inside and move on…………..

From: Oduigwe, Chidera Dok

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