Pubic Hairs: Do You Prefer Your Pubic Hairs Shaved Or Bushy? -

Pubic Hairs: Do You Prefer Your Pubic Hairs Shaved Or Bushy?

Do you prefer your pubic hairs shaved or bushy? Due to personal way of life or lifestyle, I’m being surrounded by so many friends. Most of them are positive while others are just there for one reason or the other.

Actually having friends around you can be fun in a way and one particular thing I enjoy staying with friends is discussion.

In a discussion with one of my favourite girlfriend about pubic hairs, I asked her how she prefers pubic hairs; whether she likes it shaved or bushy. Honestly, her reply was mind-blowing.

She said to me with boldness and smile, “Chidera I love my pubic hairs bushy.” Eeeeeeeee!!! Are you for real? I asked again and she replied “Yes, including friends with bushy pubes.”

Actually, it was surprising to hear such reply from such a beautiful girl.

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But are there benefits of leaving your pubic hairs bushy? People do shave or trim their pubic hairs in order to make it look nice and hygienic.

Also, the pornography industry has a role to play here, they showcase shaved pubic areas which makes it attractive and trending to viewers.

But pubic hair does have a purpose.

It lessens friction during sex and prevents the transmission of bacteria and other pathogens. There are probably other reasons why we have pubic hair, too.

Though everyone has pubic hair, but we all make different decisions as to what we do with it.

Some people prefer to let it grow, while others trim it, shave it, or wax it, but how you prefer it is up to you.

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Also, I know that a lot of people want/like their pubic hairs shaved either as a result of making it look good or pressure from dear friend, but it’s important to know that when pubic hairs are shaved, it leaves your pubic areas NAKED. And this can lead to or expose you to infections.

With that said, I personally like pubic hairs but my choice might not actually be yours, and that’s the sole reason behind this very question; do you prefer your pubic hairs shaved or bushy?

Let’s look into some of the benefits of shaved pubic hairs.

  1. It prevents against infections, this is because hairs help to trap any intruder or pathogens
  2. It protects the areas against dust and other tiny particles from reaching the “permanent site.”
  3. It traps odour coming out from the private areas
  4. It helps maintain optimum temperature of those areas
  5. Do you like touching those pubic hairs? If yes, how do you feel when touching those soft and sensitive hairs? Touching your pubic hairs give you that relaxed sensation
  6. With hairs present, bumps or pimples on pubic areas won’t be present
  7. It prevents you from having cuts which results from shaving devices like razor blades
  8. It helps you to enjoy sexual intercourse
  9. It acts as a natural protection for the cervix or vagina
  10. I, Oduigwe Chidera Dok, like it. I’m a fan of well-maintained pubic hairs.

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Is There A Way To Safely Remove The Hair?

There are some things you can do to reduce your risk of an injury or infection during and after grooming your pubes.

Try the following:

1.Wash yourself beforehand. Cleaning your skin before you get to trimming or shaving will help prevent the transmission of bacteria.

2.Disinfect your razor blade or scissors and change blades often. Make sure all of the tools you need for the job are disinfected. Change razor blades on a regular basis, and avoid using the scissors you use to trim for other things.

3.Use a handheld mirror. Make sure you can see what you’re doing, and go slowly.

4.Keep skin moist and lathered. If you’re shaving, your skin should be wet. Use soap suds or shaving gel to keep the area lubricated.

5.Proceed in the direction of your hair growth. For smoother results and less irritation, trim or shave your hair in the same direction it grows in.

6.Moisturize after. Moisturizing after your shave or wax can help soothe irritated skin. Use a natural oil or lotion to prevent skin from drying out.

7.Avoid tight clothes for a few days after. When your underwear is too close to your skin, it can worsen irritation. If you can, opt for loose underwear after a fresh shave.

8.Exfoliate regularly. Use a gentle loofah or scrub to remove dead skin.

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Do you prefer your pubic hairs shaved or bushy?

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