"Pray For India" As Covid-19 Threatens To Overwhelm The Citizens -

“Pray For India” As Covid-19 Threatens To Overwhelm The Citizens

India is being overwhelmed by a record-breaking wave of COVID-19 cases, with deaths keeping some crematoriums running 24 hours a day and hospitals running out of oxygen.

Oxygen supplies remain critically low across the country, with the black market the only option for some people.

Several states in India have run out of vaccines against COVID-19, exacerbating a dire second wave of infections that has left hospitals and morgues overflowing while families scramble for increasingly scarce medicines and oxygen.

Several nations, including the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany, have offered support as India’s under-funded healthcare system struggles to cope with the increasing demand for medical oxygen and hospital beds.

India has reported 401,993 new cases in the past 24 hours, for a second day recording the world’s highest daily tally of coronavirus.

Burial grounds in the capital New Delhi are running out of space. Bright, glowing funeral pyres light up the night sky in other badly hit cities.

In the central city of Bhopal, some crematoriums have increased their capacity from dozens of pyres to more than 50. Yet there are still hours-long waits.

Despite the magnitude of the crisis, India has yet to impose a new national lockdown, as it did in March 2020.

And while some cities and states are imposing their own lockdowns, likely superspreader events such as massive political rallies and a major Hindu religious festival are continuing.

If you read this please include this country in your prayers because the deaths is getting out of human control.

May God Help Indians Through This Difficult Time……

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