Playing Safe This X-Mass Season

Playing safe this X-mass season? The X-mass season is around the corner and every nook and cranny is now vibrating like a cell phone.

Despite the lock down, and some other activities such as #ENDSARS that marred the year 2020 in Nigeria, people still have a reason to celebrate this unforgettable year.

However, one should not throw away his or her health aside as X-mass draws near. There are several ways or means by which such a season like this can have negative impact on one’s life.

From eating excessively, binge drinking, having unprotected sex, spending above your daily or monthly earnings among others. But the very hot question here is; how can you play safe this X-mass season?

Playing Safe This X-Mass Season?

  1. Be selective or sensitive of what you eat. Don’t throw into your mouth anything that comes your way. I know it’s tempting to avoid foods and other enticing items during this period, but your well-being matters a lot and should be considered first. Try as much as you can to eat healthy foods and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Avoid unprotected sex. If possible, move along with condoms. This very season comes along with a lot of consequences later on. Ranging from unwanted pregnancy, taking of abortion pills, contracting of sexually transmitted diseases and transfer of other diseases. But all these can be minimized by using condom or better still ABSTAIN.
  3. Make out time to rest or sleep. I could remember vividly some years back, when X-mass is around the corner, we usually come back home late. And we find it hard to sleep for just five (5) hours per day. Why? A lot of activities, parties, get-together and others. Little did we realize that those activities were affecting our health negatively. However, make out time to sleep for at least seven (7) hours per day and give your body that quality rest it deserves.
  4. Get yourself some clean water. Drink a lot of water this period and don’t replace water with any other drinks such as alcohol, soft drinks and some other beverages. Because of the weather coupled with the “hustling things”, our body tends to lose some reasonable amount of water. And to pay back this particular lost, you need to drink and hydrate yourself with enough clean water in order to maintain optimal body functioning. If possible, go along with water bottle or sizeable container to store water with.
  5. Get your eyes protected. This season comes with a lot of dust and dry air, hence one needs to protect his or her eyes from dusts and other fine particles that can lead to cataract or other eye problems. You can protect your eyes by acquiring a sizeable eye glass from the market or nearby store.
  6. Your skin needs to be maintained as well. As you know, this X-mass period comes with dry air which dries the skin and makes it look scaly. In order to avoid having dry skin, moisturize your skin with Vaseline or some other oily products that shield your skin from any form of attack. This will help your skin to avoid losing water and will also enhance its appearance.

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Happy X-mass in advance…Oduigwe Chidera Dok




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