Overlooked Health Tips That Doesn’t Get Enough Attention In Nigeria

Are there overlooked health tips in Nigeria? For some people in the country, overall health is determined by two factors and two factors alone: Diet And Exercise. No doubt, diet and exercise are two huge components of your overall well-being.

However, there are numerous other factors that influence health and wellness we Nigerians should be aware of. Today, we’re going to focus on them for a change. After all change they say is only the constant thing.

Here are three often-overlooked health tips that, for one reason or another, don’t get nearly enough attention as they should in Nigeria:

To “Calm Down” Or Get Quality Rest


Sticking to an effective diet and exercise routine is tough under even the best of circumstances.

If you constantly feel tired and groggy all the time (may be due to “hustling things”), though, it will make it that much more difficult to make healthy choices like exercising or eating healthful meals.

Getting a solid 7-9 hours of sleep per night is essential to boosting your mood, energy levels, and even your cognitive (brain power) abilities.

As such, purchasing a new mattress or focusing on your sleep habits, despite the circumstance and challenges could lead to a dramatic uptick in your daily health performance.ALSO READ:Reasons Why Nigerians Consume More Cough Syrups Than You Think

Check Your Feet

Weight measurement
Weight measurement

How often do you think about your feet, or specifically, your foot health? Probably not all that often. Yet, the truth is that millions of us here in Nigeria spend all day on our feet, and millions more cram their feet into tight-fitting shoes like high heels constantly (ladies and slay queens take note).

The bad news is that foot discomfort isn’t just annoying, it can become very painful or even debilitating in some instances. This is why it’s crucial to focus on your foot health by wearing comfortable shoes, performing foot stretches.

Remember, you rely on your feet always, so look after them!

Sexual Wellness


Honestly this one is among the core issues that need to be addressed proper here in Nigeria. To a degree, it’s understandable why more people don’t focus on sexual health and wellness all that much.

After all, sex and sexuality are still taboo subjects for millions of people in Nigeria. Still, all sexually active individuals should have at least a basic understanding of Safe Sex Practices as well as STDs (sexually transmitted Diseases) and other sexual conditions.

Left untreated, some STDs can lead to serious, permanent problems like infertility, blindness, or even paralysis. For the fact Nigerians doesn’t consider their sexual wellness, they now resort to visit churches and spiritual leaders and take unhealthy concoctions for available solution when problem arises.

Lastly, remember that STDs can affect anyone at any age. Whether you’ve just graduated high school, already working or planning for retirement soon, don’t overlook your sexual well-being and learn how to spot the danger signs of common STDs.

In conclusion, though it’s difficult to overstate the importance of Diet And Exercise to live a healthy and happy lifestyle, these other areas that affect your wellness are worth giving priority to as well.

Thankfully, just by visiting your doctor on a regular basis or having a contact of health personnel, you can stay on top of most health issues and prevent them from becoming problematic.

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