Our Actions And Desires Are At A Cost By Oduigwe Chidera Dok

Our actions and desires are at a cost by Oduigwe Chidera Dok? During my days in the university, specifically at Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO), I often looked at some students that are in relationship.

Most times I felt like being in one despite having no experience or haven’t being in anyone till that time. I was so much pleased with their closeness and the way they do interact with each other.

Well, at my 300L, I decided to break the jinx and establish a relationship with one “damsel” in another department.

During out courtship while in school, I was so happy just because I have achieved my haze intention of having an opposite sex around me.

By then, both of us move together, eat together must times, jist well, chat more than reading, and we “DO IT” together (Na u sabi, I no talk ooo). In summary, she captured my time and attention with ease.

However, at my final year in the university, 500L precisely, I then realized the actual impact of having or being in such an AMAZING relationship.

My reading effort got reduced, my result plummeted, my lifestyle hampered, and my sole focus derailed. Actually, who should I blame? The enticing “damsel” or myself, the relationship hunter?

After realizing this very impact, I decided to seek for her attention so that both of us can sort it out by ourselves. But the reply she gave me, after she came, was my first shock in life.

She said to me; “Chidera, don’t you know that our relationship is at a cost”? Waoh, are you for real!!! Sincerely, I dearly paid for my short-lived heart desire.

Like my experience above, you must pay for your heart desire, your goals, your dreams, even for your resolutions this year 2020 and beyond. You must pay in order to have it.

Your heart desire can’t come like that without you sacrificing. It can’t come without you being ready for it.

It can’t come while you are on the couch sleeping and snoring. You can’t achieve your heart desires by cheating neither will you achieve your dreams by jumping over protocols.

Even if you do, you must pay for it dearly later reason because your actions and reactions are for a COST.

I charge you my beloved to be ever ready for the cost. It might cost you to lose some friends, sleepless night, praying and fasting, crying and pains, your personality, your wealth, or your time but at the end it shall speak for good.

And when it speaks, you and I will rejoice and be happy again.

Our actions and desires are at a cost by Oduigwe Chidera Dok? Drop your comments.

From: Oduigwe, Chidera Dok


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