Nutritional diseases are disorders caused by an imbalance in nutrition. These diseases fall into three categories: these are nutritional disease caused by lack of nutrients, by excess nutrients and nutritional disease caused as a result of poisonous components in the food. Nutritional disease can result to death as a recent efflux in media article suggested that about one out of three death in children worldwide is due to nutritional disease. This means that about 3.5 million deaths occurred annually as a result of nutritional disease.

For us to live healthy as an adult, we should balance our food intake and also put in consideration the type or nature of the food we eat. For these reasons,

  • We must avoid the abuse of fast and fried foods that contains saturated fats, refined carbohydrate and high-fructose syrup like some soft drinks.
  • We must adapt to Mediterranean foods such as vegetables, fruits, fresh fish and others like dairy products in a balanced proportion. This fact suggests the reason why our ancestors lived long.
  • Always stick to a well-balanced diet plan that contains fats, proteins, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, water and fibre in a correct proportion.
  • Always maintain a good hygiene.
  • Make sure you wash your foodstuffs thoroughly before preparing it.
  • Visit a medical centre for regular body checkup.



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