Nurses Uniform Styles And Types In Nigeria

Nurses uniform styles and types in Nigeria? There are at least two routes to becoming a nurse in Nigeria (either trainee or registered), and both of them have benefits.

For instance, my mother Mariah Oduigwe, is an auxiliary nurse but her impact as “nurse” is well recognized in terms of saving lives.

Before we have a look at the nursing uniforms here in Nigeria, let us look at the various ranks of nursing in Nigeria.

1.Registered nurse

2.Public health nurse

3.Certified registered nurse

4.Nurse anesthetist

5.Clinical nurse specialist

6.Critical nurse care

7.Emergency or accident and emergency nurse

8.Family nurse practitioner

9.Geriatric nurse or gerontological nurse, is a type of nurse that helps care for aging and elderly individuals.

10.Perioperative nurse (surgical nurse)

11.Mental health nurse

12.Nurse educator

13.Nurse manager

14.Nurse midwife

15.Nurse practitioner

16.Oncology nurse

17.Orthopaedic nurse

18.Pediatric nurse

19.Nurse administrator

20.Travel nurse

21.Auxiliary nurse

With that said, there in no gainsaying that nursing is a prestigious profession cherished by most people in Nigeria.

However, nursing students or trainees and even newly posted nurses sometimes have little or no knowledge about the uniform each type of nurse is supposed to put on or wear.

But before then, let’s look at how the nurse uniform transformed in the country throughout the years.

Let’s imagine that you ask your friend to dress as a nurse, what would she or he wear?

The white dress, cap and apron are instantly recognizable by any person not only in Nigeria but the whole world.

The nursing uniform has gone through many changes or alterations.

It should also be mentioned that various medical facilities in Nigeria also has different colour and styles for the nursing uniform.

The nurse’s cap, apron, and dress are subjected to be the element of pride in every way possible.

It represents peace in the various societies across the globe.

To understand the peculiarities and position of the uniform in Nigeria, it’s necessary to understand history of the nursing uniform in the world.

The modern nursing uniform can’t be understood without a slight piece of history

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Nurses Uniform Styles And Types In Nigeria. The History Of The Dress And Apron

As it’s known, nursing came to Nigeria with western medicine.

Nigerians were introduced to the ideas of nursing and nursing clothes at the very beginning of colonization.

The very process of nursing was created and standardized according to nurse uniform dress by Florence Nightingale, she brought professionalism to the position of the medical worker.

Florence introduced the proper professional approach to nursing and better hygiene practices.

Her ideas are welcomed in the all medical universities of Nigeria.

There is no nurse in our country who doesn’t know the contribution of this very woman.

The long-sleeved, full-length dresses with aprons were meant to protect nurses for various illnesses.

The interesting fact that nurses didn’t have medical masks and gloves to protect their skin for microbes and potential illnesses.

These very first dresses with long sleeves also came to Nigeria.

At that time, Nigeria was a part of Great Britain and African nurses were also trained according to the standards of the Great Britain nurses.

It also included the white dresses that were introduced to Nigerians at the beginning of the century.

The main idea was the introduction of the first medical aid to the locals.

During World War II, the shorter dresses and sleeves were introduced to the world.

The main idea was mobility and practicality. The two factors were heavily influenced by the war.

Nigeria was a part of Great Britain during the World War Two.

Therefore, Nigerian nurses just copied the nurse uniform dress traditions.

Nurse in the lab
Nurse in the lab

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However, with independence, Nigerian nurses got some freedom of choosing their own style of dresses.

At the same time, these styles copied the world tendencies, which provided the more feminine dresses in the 1960s and the influx of male nurses in the 1970s.

The nurse pantsuits and all-too-brief appearance were introduced in the 1970s.

It was given away to scrubs or different colors in the 1980s.

The caps were originally fashioned by nuns and were meant to cover the hair of nurses.

It was necessary not only for patients but for nurses also. The caps were customary for women in the 19th century.

The perfectly white hats caps became the part of the nurses’ uniform at the beginning of the 20th century.

The capping ceremony or matriculation for today is the right of passage for nurses.

It’s the symbol of their profession.

Nurse Uniform Design Presently Or Today

From the beginning of the 1990s, the uniform for all nurses in Nigeria was white short dresses and short sleeves.

Nevertheless, throughout different universities in Nigeria, it’s possible to find different variations of dresses.

Private hospitals in Nigeria created their own designs of dresses. They may come in different colours and shapes.

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Still, they stay on the path of the more practical way of implementation.

It should also be noticed that the fabric of the Nigerian nurse uniforms is pretty thin to provide the maximum ventilation which is needed for the African weather conditions.

The nurse uniform in Nigeria, has come a long way in the history. It all started with the European countries.

They provided the standards of the medicine for Nigerians.

The era of standardized nurses’ dresses that we saw then or see today can be over.

The various clinics provide their own version of clothes that may come in different colours and shapes.

At the same time, they all correspond the necessities of practicality.


Most nurses in Nigeria look cute in the navy blue scrubs. It is worn on the ward, theater and sometimes the out patient department commonly called OPD.

Auxiliary nurses also wear light grey uniforms or white with blue stripes/line like assistants do, this may differentiate them from others such as registered ones.

However, nursing uniform styles in Nigeria includes;

1.White dress, cap and apron

2.Scrubs or different colours or blue uniform depending on the organisations requirement or demand.

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