Nothing Of Value Is Free By Oduigwe Chidera Dok

Nothing of value is free. Just few days ago I was travelling from Katsina state to Owerri, Imo state and my journey was halved at Wazobia park in Abuja where I needed to board another vehicle that will take me to Owerri.

At Wazobia park however, a friend of mine called me and said to me that he sent an important mail and I should check it right away. Meanwhile, at Wazobia in Abuja there was limited access to network on my cell phone of which I can’t access the sent mail.

Hence, I decided to reach out to someone nearby for assistance. I met a young man and explain myself to him and what I want, he then said to me “Yes I will allow you to use my phone but you have to pay me for it.”

When I decided to ask him why, he further said to me that “Nothing is free even in Free Town.”

By this time however, I then realized that using his cell phone to access my email was important to me and therefore I need to “corporate well” and offer some change in order to put the matter under the table.

Actually, what you placed value on might not necessarily be a sent mail or an important info but it’s never free.

Is it to study, get admission into an institution, to start working, to get married, to get employed, to travel abroad, to chair an organization or to achieve your heart desire? Honestly Nwanne, it’s not free.

A price needs to be paid. A sacrifice needs to be performed. You need to endure and equally exercise patient over it.

Sometimes also, you have to go a long way for that particular thing you value but have in mind that paying a price, sacrificing and enduring doesn’t mean you can’t achieve it.

Remember, your God, dedication, time and chance had it all.

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From: Oduigwe Chidera Dok, nothing of value is free……………


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