Nigeria The Unlucky Woman By Oduigwe Chidera Dok

Nigeria the unlucky woman. On October 1st 2020, Nigeria celebrated her 60th independence anniversary.

Although it was well recognosied among the political elites in the country, but majority of Nigerian citizens were not found celebrating her.

I was very anxious to know the sole reason as to why she is not been celebrated by her own vibrant children.

I later realized that the spirit of patriotism that once filled the lives of her children has waxed cold. Why? It seems like she, Nigeria, is so unlucky.

A gracious woman, an epitome of beauty, a woman who was created with so much resources and talents.

She is so blessed because of the anointing of prosperity that is upon her forehead. Because of her good heart, God almighty blessed her with a lot of natural resources.

From coal to iron, aluminum, crude oil, precious stones of many types, be it gold, cement etc. With vast fertile land in which agriculture could be made easy, her children will not look for food, timber, rubber, cocoa etc.

She is beautified by drinkable waters from the rank of streams to spring, lake and rivers. In these waters, her children will never lack any type of sea foods.

No crop or grain will not germinate in her land, all you need to do is to try somewhere else that is suitable for you.

ENDSARS protesters
ENDSARS protesters

She was rich in culture; her religion was and is still love and care. But she was so unlucky.

As a bride she was forced to marry a man that hates her so much. A man that is equal to a “monster” because he had no brain nor integrity or conscience.  His love is with another woman out there.

Because of his lust for another man’s wife, he became the master of the devil in dealing with his wife Nigeria. He despised her so much that he prefers the other woman and her children.

Nigeria is the one that provides 99 percent of the whole family needs including that of his lazy concubine and her children.

Nigeria out of love and as an obedient wife, submits all her income to her husband, but what did he do with it?

He sends almost all to his prostitute wife and her children, leaving Nigeria and her own children almost empty.

Her husband devoted all his time building hospitals, good roads, schools, business empires and dumping all the money he stole from his wife (Nigeria) in a foreign land where they regard him as a fool and slave, of course that’s what he is!

Because she is so unlucky, her own children who ordinarily are heirs to her wealth became servants and slaves.

Protest in Nigeria

It is bad to the point that none of her children can do anything without approval from others that depend on their natural resources.

She is so unlucky that he retrieved from her any right to anything, even her own wealth, her legitimate children cannot access it freely.

From her rich oil wells to her vast talents, especially in manufacturing, to everything that concerns her.

From the first day of her marriage till date she doesn’t know any peace as she suffered one brutality like that of SARS, Boko Haram, herdsmen, militants, riot to another, one coup to another etc.

At a time in this so called marriage, in one of her tribes, she lost over 3.5 million children to what they called civil war. Some say it was genocide or pogrom while others say it was a tribal war.

From then till now, they have not allowed her to tell her own side of the story in whatever way she could. Call it history or anything, they sealed her mouth so that the truth will never surface.

Just as the saying goes “No matter how long lies lasted it can never outlive the truth”.

Fallen heros from protest
Fallen heros from protest

Since then her children have been wallowing in darkness; physical, political and spiritual to the point that UP NEPA!!! remains one of the best chorus they know how to sing in unison  irrespective of their age because of the level of darkness they are in.

She is so unlucky that her crude oil is the second if not one of the best in the whole world. All you will hear is $25 billion contract awarded in her NNPC, $20 billion, $10 billion e.t.c unremitting from the sales of her crude and yet there is no workable refinery in her land.

Is this not a mystery? And you hear about subsidy, they are subsiding fuel and fertilizer, I ask myself how can someone who is one of the biggest exporter of cow be subsiding cow milk.

Ooh NAIJA is this a curse? Who do you? Where, When and how? If not that you are so unlucky.

Protesters killed by soldiers
Protesters killed by soldiers

Talking about the judicial system, a system that is known all over the world for the important roles she plays in the country e.g they interpret the law, trail, persecute,  judge and jail the law breakers or offenders.

But because Nigeria is so unlucky, what you will hear and see about her judicial system will confuse you. Her judiciary is selective in deciding whom to punish or not.

For them it’s not a matter of innocence or guilt but who is LOYAL. When you hear that somebody is corrupt, check it.  He or she is not loyal.

For criminality and offences like that, it is a matter of who are you, who did you know.

In NIGERIA you will hear that a seating governor paid kidnappers, invaders, people who kill, rub and rape her citizens a large sum of money for them not to come back again.

What a shame! Nigeria why? Why are you so unlucky? Such Governors should not only be impeached but arrested so that all those criminals will be brought to book.

Paying them from his state treasury simple means he knows them. Another Governor even has dollars attached to his name because of a particular video that went viral.

What happened? NIGERIA you are so unlucky.

Just few days ago, 20-10-2020, a date that Nigerians and the rest of the world that are concerned will not forget, not less than 70 innocent people were killed by soldiers at Lekki toll gate in Lagos state. Why?

Reason because people are protesting for a change over the brutality of SARS over the citizens. That very ugly incident claimed the life of my uncle from Ajaero family.

What an unlucky woman is Nigeria? Though, she may be alive but she is bleeding heavily. She is depressed and stripped naked. She has no dignity any more. She is unlucky woman.

Nigeria, as for me, is a blessed but unlucky and I strongly believe that one day TIME and CHANCE will definitely turn things around for her favourable.

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From: Oduigwe Chidera Dok

This article was adopted from: Ndubuisi Nweke, the owner of Soporic’sblog.

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