Mp3/Mp4 Download: Caleb gordon ft. Alano Adan | Rocky Road Pt.2 

Mp3/Mp4 Download: Caleb gordon ft. Alano Adan | Rocky Road Pt.2. Rapper who gained fame for his faith-based original songs that became popular through his presence on TikTok.

Popular songs of his include “Rocky Road Pt. 2”, “Evidence”, “Quick”, and “Your Word My Mind”.

A clip from his music video for the song “Fruits of My Labor”, which shows him walking through a field of sunflowers, has received over 500,000 views…Continue

Artists Name: Caleb gordon ft. Alano Adan

Song Title: Rocky Road Pt.2 

Year Released: 2023

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Caleb gordon ft. Alano Adan | Rocky Road Pt.2 Lyrics;

[Verse 1: Caleb Gordon]
The road get rocky again
I’m back in this thing and I brought me a friend
My sin, it thought it could win
I throw up a prayer, it’s gone with the wind
Okay, in the studio, locked in the gym
Verses, they turn into hymns
God got my back, I got bored at the rim
God got my back, so I’m chillin’ just like a massage
I been beefin’ with General Zod
But I know that my general God
Ain’t no hook on this, chill and just nod
Ain’t no book on this, I had to grind
But the book for the Lord and my mind
Now the world, it get cold outside
So I cook in my court inside
It’s a beat, we gon’ eat, I’ll slide
In the booth we got forks and knives
I’m in Eden, my Lord in the skies
And He knew way before my design
Way before I was folded with pride
Take a picture, you’ll see the disguise
Ain’t no fiction, the truth in the eyes
Promised them that the lamb was mine, I had to go get it
I saw me a giant, I had to go slay
Like David, Goliath, I had to replay ’em
He set me new lines, I had to relay ’em
Forgot all my—, I gotta resay ’em
The Father of Time, the master remaker
The Optimus Prime, the Alpha Omega
The master of mine, the galaxy shaker
The one up above, biggest creator

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[Verse 2: Alano Adan]
Bright light, flashin’
Fresh out the tomb like I’m Lazarus
Hop on the beat, now I’m spazzin’
Got ’em in shock, like anaphylactic
Ayy, they want a party, I’m crashin’
When I pull up, my lil’ shawty like, “That’s him”
Ayy, linked with the source, I’m tapped in
A whole new world, Aladdin
Rappers is Disney, clean ’em up swiftly
Flow is on cocaine, flow is on Whitney
I don’t play no games, better come get me
Used to watch Trip Lee, now that boy big league
Vert is on what? Vert is on top floor
Shout out to TJ, shout out to Wop though
Way I move weight, must be El Chapo
I been in the gym and I’m tryna get flaco
Might hit the O, pull up on CG
I been to Eden, I been to Peach Tree
I see my peace and I dish it like petri
Yeah, I’m from Florida where you need AC
When I say ‘Hovah, I don’t mean Jay-Z
‘Hovah like Rapha, Jovah like Nissi
‘Hovah like big God, ever since DC
When the kid pray pray, Devil get CC’d on

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