More Sleep: 5 Ways You Can Get More Quality Sleep

Are you one of the many people not getting enough quality sleep and letting your health suffer for it? You need to understand that your body needs as much z’s as it can get.

Hence why we have these recommendations below for you.

Change Your Routine


Do you drink coffee late in the day? Are you on your computer or watching Netflix before turning in? Opt for a different routine such as journaling before bed to relax and set a firm lights-out time.

Upgrade Your Bed

Woman sleeping
Woman sleeping

One-third of your day should be spent in bed, so everything from the mattress to your linens is an investment in how well you sleep. Head to your nearest mattress store and test out a few new options.

Meditate, Meditate, Meditate

Having a good and proper meditation can help you get a good night’s sleep. Meditation calms and soothes your mind making it ready to lure you into la-la land.

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Explore Therapy

Seeing a therapist for sleep deprivation should be considered if you are really serious about getting more sleep. If you think you don’t have the time, you can try online options which provide you with classes and sessions from the comfort of your home.

Block Out The Light

A lady with an Android phone
A lady with an Android phone

Many people have trouble sleeping with the lights on, so if you find that a particular source of light tampers with your sleep, shut it out. If the streetlights outside your window are a little too bright or the sun is waking you up earlier than necessary, you may want to buy blackout curtains.

Outside light isn’t the only thing factoring into snagging quality z’s. The blue light from TV screens and other devices can also keep the body up. If you must check your phone in the evening, put it on night shift (iPhone) or in night mode (Android).

You can also pick up sleep masks that help block light.

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