Menstrual Cups Can Cause Pelvic Organ Prolapse If Not Used Well, Report Says -

Menstrual Cups Can Cause Pelvic Organ Prolapse If Not Used Well, Report Says

Menstrual cups are inserted in the vagina to collect blood during the menstruation period and it has been discovered that it could lead to weakening of the pelvic muscles, causing pelvic organ prolapse.

According to a report by The Daily Mail, the condition occurs when the pelvic muscles weaken and can no longer support organs, causing them to bulge painfully out the vagina.

Pelvic organ prolapse is described by the NHS as ‘when one or more of the organs in the pelvis slip down from their normal position and bulge into the vagina’. It could be the womb, bowel or bladder

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy said instructions to use menstrual cups are not clear and go against advice to prevent pelvic organ prolapse.

Some women have reported that they suffer from pelvic organ prolapse due to the feminine hygiene products, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has said.

The body has called for manufacturers to include better safety advice and said that the cups should be regulated, which they currently are not.

According to Physiotherapist Kate Lough:

Having looked at some of the information on some of the cups, particularly the information about taking the cup out. (it) is not correct and is hard to understand. Using your pelvic floor muscles to bring the cup lower in the vagina is not correct. Bearing down on the cup to push it within reach of your fingers is not good pelvic floor advice. It counters the advice women would be given to avoid prolapse.

Pelvic organ prolapse happens when the group of muscles and tissues that normally support the pelvic organs, called the pelvic floor, becomes weakened and cannot hold the organs in place firmly.

A number of things can weaken the pelvic floor, including childbirth, age, being overweight, and a job that requires heavy lifting.


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