Mavin All Stars – Won Da Mo Mp3 Download/Video & Lyrics

Mavin All Stars – Won Da Mo Mp3 Download/Video & Lyrics. Mavin Records is a Nigerian music corporation record label founded by record producer and recording artist Don Jazzy on 8 May 2012.

The label’s inception came to fruition following the closure of Mo’ Hits Records, a record label owned by the aforementioned producer and D’banj.

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Mavin All Stars – Won Da Mo Lyrics;


Verse 1: Rema
Wake up in the morning, hallelujah
Chasing the money
Chasing the bag
No looking back
Me and my gang
Steady fire we leave no gap
Gucci, Gucci, Louis V
Mix my Monster with Hennessy
My eye don dirty, I no fit see
The smell of doings shall lead me
Baby girl, why you crying?
Clean your tears with my currency
Bullion van outside the club
Who tell you say we need protection?
Hop in my all black challenger
All road leading to the dynasty

We know ourself and they know we
Hm, they know we

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Pre-Chorus: Rema
Won da mo (Won da mo)
Atin lo (Atin lo)
Otilo (Otilo)
Oti nlo (Oti nlo), mhm-oh
Owo nlo (Owo nlo)
Owo nbo (Owo nbo)
Won da mo (Won da mo)
The money long

Chorus: Crayon
Oluwa egba mi
Koma wole, kope wole
Egba mi
Make my blessings no seize
Kope wole, a sha ti de
Egba mi

Verse 2: Boy Spyce & Bayanni
So what you gonna do? (Mogaraku)
All of my guys are ballers
All my ladies too (My ladies)
All of my ladies too, ah
Pull up to the pool party
Afelo faji tori aowaleku
Na me order the azul (Bayanni)

Verse 3: Bayanni
Pull up in a brand new Beamer, eh
Know the money be like river, eh
Who? Dey no get liver, eh
Who? Ain’t nobody bigger, eh
Talo be, talo be, talo fe te
Tati fah esss, pelu shekpe
Yeah we came with the spray and the pepper
Spray and the pepper, yeah

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Verse 4: Magixx
You know say we no be regular
Na we dey give them the gbedu now
We keep it hot like the summer
We bring all the drama
We burst up their medulla (Uh-uh, uh)
When want to the party
Bring like twenty baddies
When we show the place
New designers, we be steady shining’
Everything I get, omo na God grace

Chorus: Crayon & LadiPoe
Oluwa egba mi
Koma wole, kope wole
Egba mi
Make my blessings no seize (Yes)
Kope wole (Yeah, uh), a sha ti de
Egba mi

Verse 5: LadiPoe
They underrated me
That thing they say to me
Rap no sell ’til them start to pay money
Now they come back with a track to play for me
To get me on that need an application fee
This track was made for me
Pastor pray for me
‘Cause me I no know where this high has taken me
You for like park on the chart no vacancy
We want it all now fuck waiting patiently

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Verse 6: Ayra Starr
Step in’a the room and the energy wey me carry enter, olewu
Sabi never lose you know when I dish am them go chop am, belleful
Otilo, it’s far gone
Them no fit to fathom
Nothing close to random
No dey beg your pardon
Eh, eh, eh
To the left, to the right, dribble them like e Messi
Eh, eh, eh
All your girls and your boys them dey crush on my body
Eh, eh, eh
And I move with God, so victory is certain
Eh, eh, eh
They got nothing on me

Outro: Johnny Drille
I’m on the leading side
My people sure me die
Family for life (And keep my guys for life)
And nobody can dim our shine
We win till the end of time
Laho wowo
Oluwa egbami oh.