‘Malaria Is Most Common Health Problem In Nigeria,’ Report Shows

Malaria is a dominant reason for health problems in Nigeria, according to a new report by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

The Nigeria Living Standard Survey (NLSS) report, published on Wednesday, July 8, 2020, collected a comprehensive and diverse set of socio-economic and demographic data pertaining to the basic needs and conditions under which Nigerian households live on a day-to-day basis.

The study showed that more than 51.7% of those who reported health issues mentioned MALARIA as a top health concern. The figure is slightly higher in urban areas where 52.8% report malaria as a health concern, compared to 51.2% in rural areas.

The highest prevalence of the disease, caused by infected mosquitoes, was reported in Zamfara state (65.4%), and the lowest in Bauchi state(30.8%). The study showed that only about half the Nigerian population use insecticide treated mosquito bed-net, with 49.9% and 52.4% of males and females, respectively.

The other most reported health concerns, according to the NBS study, are body pains (7.2%), headache (6.1%), ulcer/stomach pain (5.6%), and catarrh (4.9%). A major share of ill people prefer to visit chemists in search of medical treatment, more than the population of people that decide to go to the hospitals.

On average, the study showed that it takes about two hours and nine minutes to reach and receive consultations in the hospitals, but only 50 minutes in pharmacies or with a local chemist.

While 80% of respondents who decided not to seek medical treatment for health problems reported having minor illnesses, around 14% said they were precluded from seeking medical help because of how expensive it is.

The NBS also noted that around 1.4% of Nigeria’s population is disabled, with the highest concentration in Yobe state.

The study, conducted between September 2018 and October 2019, sampled information from all over the country except for Borno State which has areas inaccessible due to terrorist activities.


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