Makeup Tips For Cool Girl Harmattan -

Makeup Tips For Cool Girl Harmattan

Hot girl summer is officially over and we have barely enough time till harmattan. This is why shopping for harmattan makeup and learning new tips before the season sets in is a great idea. The cold season often comes with the cons of dry skin and chapped lips. Often your makeup might even come out looking duller than expected or too bright for the weather. Good thing is we have compiled a list of amazing makeup tips that would be of great help for the cold season:

SWITCH UP YOUR PRIMER: There’s no way to talk about getting your makeup done during harmattan without mentioning using a primer. Due to the dryness of the weather, your skin might also be dry. This is why it is important that you prep your dry skin using a face primer. Instead of a matte primer, go for a luminous one. The subtle shimmer in luminous primer gives your skin a glow-from-within effect. Using a primer does not only make your skin glow, but it’s also hydrating feature retextures the skin making it smooth and allowing for easy application.

OPT FOR A HYDRATING FOUNDATION: During harmattan, you need every extra moisture you can get. Unfortunately, you would have to say goodbye to your matte foundation. As matte foundation may settle into flakes and dry skin allowing for patch even skin. Instead, use a hydrating foundation for more coverage. Liquid and cream foundation glides smoothly over the skin. For less shine, you can set it with powder to reduce the glow on your T-zone areas.

MOISTURISE: Just like during the dry season, you also need to moisturise during harmattan. Be sure to moisturise to get the much-needed hydration for your skin. Moisturise while your skin is still damp after showering for the best hydration. If the moisturiser is too creamy or your skin too dry, your makeup might stick when applied. Opt for a greaseless moisturiser and exfoliate especially if your skin is super dry. For super dry skin, you could also use hyaluronic acid as a moisture binder to moisturise your skin.

BLEND PROPERLY: Blending is one important makeup skill everyone must learn. For either cool or cold weather, makeup must be properly blended to set in properly. As a tip, make sure to dampen your beauty blender before you begin using it. When using a beauty blender make sure to avoid rubbing, as this will promote flakiness and irritate your skin that is already sensitive and dry. Instead, press the foundation into your skin to ensure more coverage and blend in sections.

APPLY SUNSCREEN: UV rays and their damaging effects on the skin are present all year long, come rain come sun. This is why you should take care to protect yourself all the time. You, therefore, have to get into the habit of wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 30 daily no matter the season. The sun doesn’t take a break and neither should you.

SET FOR A FINISHING TOUCH: Smeared makeup is a definite no-no whether during the dry or rainy season. As such, you should be prepared to make sure your makeup stays in place while you go on with your activities during harmattan. This is why you should make sure to use a setting spray as a finishing touch to your makeup. This way, your makeup stays in place all day and there’s no fear of smears.

LIP BALMS: During the harmattan period, your lips are likely to be dry, cracked and chapped. As such, applying lipstick directly might leave a not-so-great result. This is why you also have to prepare your lips before applying lipstick. Use a lip gloss, lip balm or chapstick for moisturised lips before applying your lipstick.

Dry winds, cold mornings, dry skin and chapped lips are no strangers to harmattan. Getting your face beat during harmattan is tricky. However, it is still not impossible, these tips would greatly help you with getting your glow on for Cool Girl Harmattan. Most importantly, remember to moisturise to keep your skin glowing and ever ready for whatever the harmattan season throws at you.

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