Low Blood Pressure: Foods To Eat If You Have Low Blood Pressure -

Low Blood Pressure: Foods To Eat If You Have Low Blood Pressure

Foods to eat if you have low blood pressure. Every here and then we do hear of hypertension or high blood pressure (HBP) and we put much emphasis on it than the very opposite of it –low blood pressure.

Low blood pressure (LBP), also called hypotension, is a condition characterised by sudden dip or decrease in blood pressure levels.

A normal blood pressure reading is typically between 90/60 and 120/80 mm Hg. Low blood pressure is when your reading is less than 90/60 mm Hg.

Low blood pressure condition may cause symptoms like dizziness, light-headedness, weakness, nausea, confusion and blurry vision. If you experience a rapid pulse, shallow breathing, cold or clammy skin, seek immediate medical care.

Low blood pressure has several causes including dehydration, change in diet, vigorous exercise, anaemia (a condition in which there is a deficiency of red cells or of haemoglobin in the blood), stress, thyroid, low blood sugar, extreme blood loss, thyroid conditions, etc.

What Causes Low Blood Pressure Or Hypotension?


Everyone’s blood pressure drops at one time or another. And, it often doesn’t cause any noticeable symptoms.

Certain conditions can cause prolonged periods of hypotension that can become dangerous if left untreated. These conditions include:

  • Pregnancy, due to an increase in demand for blood from both mother and the growing fetus
  • Large amounts of blood loss through injury
  • Impaired circulation caused by heart attacks or faulty heart valves
  • Weakness and a state of shock that sometimes accompanies dehydration
  • Anaphylactic shock, a severe form of allergic reaction
  • Infections of the bloodstream
  • Endocrine disorders such as diabetes, adrenal insufficiency, and thyroid disease
  • Medications might also cause blood pressure to drop.

Also dehydration can decrease blood volume, and cause drop in blood pressure. Drink more clean water and limit alcohol if you have blood pressure lower than the normal range.

Eating big meals may also cause dramatic drops in blood pressure, as your body works harder to digest the food. So, eat small meals more frequently. There are certain types of food that can help raise your blood pressure.

Below are some foods to eat if you have low blood pressure:

Foods High In Vitamin B-12


Inadequate vitamin B-12 can lead to anaemia, which may in turn lower your blood pressure levels and cause fatigue.

Include more foods high in B-12 such as eggs, fortified cereals, animal meats, and nutritional yeast to your diet.

Foods High In Folate

Deficiency of folate can also contribute to anaemia. So, have more folate-rich foods like asparagus, beans, lentils, citrus fruits, leafy greens, eggs, and liver.

Salty Foods

Food handling

Increase your salt intake to raise your blood pressure levels. You can get enough salt from eating smoked fish, cottage cheese, pickled items, and olives. Olives are also rich in vitamin E, iron and copper.

Coffee and caffeinated tea:



Caffeine may temporarily spike blood pressure by stimulating the cardiovascular system and boosting your heart rate.

Remember that, low blood pressure is opposite of high blood pressure. Hence, caution should be taken when consuming those foods mentioned above as they are meant to raise blood pressure and not decrease it.

Also, a visiting a DOCTOR when having low blood pressure is paramount as it will help you keep some risk factors at check.


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