Lifestyle: How to make your Heels More Comfortable to Rock -

Lifestyle: How to make your Heels More Comfortable to Rock

After diamonds, a lady’s shoe is next to her heart. You can propose with the biggest diamonds but she needs to show off those diamonds in the perfect heels. However, heels can often be very uncomfortable especially if you have to walk around in them all day. We still love them anyway. Below are some tips on how to make those heels comfortable.

Find the Right type: There are some heels that have balanced soles, some are wedges while some are stilettos (long, thin and high heels). You need to understand your feet, how they are arched and what works fine for you. If anytime you wear stilettos, you always need to see a doctor, then you should do away with that and stick to shoes with balanced heels. Buy heels that offer more support such as platform or block heels which are more comfortable than stilettos.

Opt for socks: New shoes need to be worn a few times before they take up the shape of your feet and become comfortable. To help with preventing blisters resulting from your new shoes, wear them with a thick pair of socks a few times before you wear them out. This will make them totally comfortable whenever you choose to wear them out.

Go for a Size a bit Bigger: When you are going for any event that will require you wearing heels throughout the day, it is advisable that you wear a shoe that is a bit bigger. As the day progresses, the size of your foot increases. Thus, if you’re going to be wearing heels the whole day, they are bound to become unbearable at some point. If you go for a shoe that is a bit bigger, your feet will adjust in it and it will be more comfortable.

Ladies, hope you find this article helpful?

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