Lifestyle: How Eating Before 7 Pm Can Change Your Body -

Lifestyle: How Eating Before 7 Pm Can Change Your Body

Do you always eat late but want to change your eating habits? Then here’s how eating before 7 Pm can help you lead a healthy life. And here’s why you should follow it. The key to maintaining a good lifestyle is not only eating right and exercising, but it’s also eating at the right time. Yes, you are what you eat, but eating meals at regular intervals at an appropriate time is not only good for weight loss, but it also helps to keep the cardiovascular diseases at bay. Time has a lot to do with health and mind. When you sleep well and eat your dinner early, your body not only has a strong gut, but it also helps you sleep better.

When it comes to eating early nutritionists and doctors often recommend eating the last meal before 7 PM. The timing of your meals can affect your body’s weight regulation, metabolic regulation, heart health and sleep cycle too. If you’ve ever wondered why so and how can it help you, then read below to find out how eating early can help you achieve good health.

AIDS WEIGHT LOSS: Research suggests that consuming meals between 6 AM and 7 PM reduces calorie intake drastically. It is because you are likely to consume fewer calories as the time you have spent on eating has come down. Also, a longer duration of the overnight fast helps with increasing fat loss as the body has time to reach a state of ketosis – a natural state for the body, when it only uses fat for energy. It further aids better digestion and also helps with weight loss.

BETTER SLEEP: Eating too much or eating before bedtime can increase the risk of heartburn and indigestion, making it harder to fall asleep. It also prevents our body from slowing down. On the other hand, if food is taken earlier, it is not only digested better, you sleep well and wake up energised too.

GOOD FOR HEART: People who have ailments like diabetes, thyroid, Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and cardiovascular diseases should make it a point to consume a light and early dinner. It is advisable not only to have a light dinner but also an early one. Eating healthy food which is low on sodium before 7 pm also ensures better heart health and keeps cardiovascular risks at bay. Studies state that when we eat more carbs and sodium in our dinners we put our heart and blood vessels to a greater risk of overnight blood pressure.

LETS YOU EAT SNACK: Sometimes when we are awake till 12 or 1, we start feeling hungry because our last meal was at 7 PM. So if you feel hungry in the evening or late at night, it is not advisable to starve either. Instead of helping, it would trigger a host of other problems arising from an unhealthy relationship with food. In such times you can bank on low calorie, protein-rich, low carb foods.

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