“Life Is Not Like This”

Life Is Not Like This…

On the first week of March 2020, specifically on 5th, I and my mentor sir Nweke Ndubuisi were discussing about various lifestyles of people.

We were actually discussing about how people who doesn’t seek for perfection or show much care about being a responsible person end up being better and successful people.

While those who were then seeking after perfection end up being in emotional trauma.

We looked into also how people who “rocked life” and aborted several times end up with happy marriages while those who really stayed away from secular things later in life found themselves in a very toxic relationships or families.

Our discussion on those issues was so important and intense that he rarely pays attention to his customers who want to buy some medicines from his shop.

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At some point, I felt so weird for not allowing him to make money through sales.

Although that doesn’t put him to fright as we continue our discussion till the tail end.

Meanwhile, before the end of our discussion, I decided to ask him one question and I was amazed that despite not making sales, he still squeezed out some minutes in order to answer my question.

I asked him this very question; “What are those contributing factors that can make once a wealthy person to become poor and depressed.”

Honestly, the manner he looked at me immediately after the question seems to me like I’m not the right person or qualified to receive any answer from him.

But as I believed, he gave the question second thought and decides to give a response.

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He then said to me; “Bia Nwoke m, life is not like this……, I have never had in mind that one day I will be here or like this in my whole life.

I haven’t conceived that thought or believe it, even for once, in my life time. But here I’m………you see, it’s never like this……..”

“Life is not like this….” I said to myself with a great volume of misunderstanding. I then said to him; “Sir what do you actually mean by life is not like this…?”

He replied and said to me; “Chidera, accident can smash your billions in just one second, diseases can destroy your growth and eat-up your amassed wealth, policies can change and have a dent on your business, lack of proper planning can damage your designed future, unseen forces can sweep you off the tide and crush your joy which allows poverty and depression to manifest into your life.

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With all these my broda, I believe life is not like this…., it has no definite or specified direction.”

After listening to him (Sir Nweke Ndubuisi), who was once a millionaire (still a millionaire, I believe), I turned back with dejection heading straight to my Gida (house).

My dear, don’t blame or frustrate that your husband, wife, brother, sister, father, mother, or friend who was once rich but now retchless.

Many of them are internally or emotionally dead but remember, life is a matter of your God, Time and Chance and it’s never like this………

From: Oduigwe Chidera Dok,

CEO, Doksblog.com

Stay safe………..