LeAnn Rimes – Cant Fight The Moonlight 

LeAnn Rimes – Cant Fight The Moonlight Mp3 Download. Margaret LeAnn Rimes Cibrian is an American singer, songwriter and actress. She originally rose to success as a country music artist at age 13 with 1996’s “Blue”.

She has since crossed over into pop, contemporary Christian, and other musical genres. Rimes has placed over 40 singles on international charts since 1996.

Song Reviews;

  1. This songs reminds me of this girl I sat next to in English class. She use to sing it all the time and loved this film. She was absolutely amazing and maybe the most beautiful and genuine person I’ve ever met in my life. But I never had the balls to ask her out or even to just hang out away from school When I was older and more confident, I thought I’d go looking for her through social media. About 5 years after We left I found out she died from leukaemia. Really suddenly, 2 weeks after being diagnosed Every now and then, I come to this song just to remember her voice singing the chorus through English class and all the life we had ahead of us.
  2. My late wife (she passed 4 months ago with our son) loved this song and movie. I will always love you whitney. I never knew anyone besides me who even knew of this song till I met you. I love you my angel.
  3. My mate died ten years ago today. This song was played at his funeral. Thisi is for you mate. One of a kind.
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Artist Name: LeAnn Rimes

Song Title: Cant Fight The Moonlight 

Year Released: 2000

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