Ladies Beware: 5 Clear Signs You’re Dating A Bad Guy

The last person any girl wants to end up in a relationship with is a bad guy or boy. They take you through a rollercoaster of euphoria and heartbreak that will only end in tears. Unfortunately, it’s hard to resist a bad boy. His good looks and charm will have you swooning like a teenager.

He’ll make you fall knee-deep in love and obsess over his wild ways. Most people don’t realize they’re in a relationship with a bad guy until it’s too late. Here are some signs to know if you’re dating a bad boy.

  1. He’s Flirty

He knows exactly what to say to women, and that’s his superpower. This kind of a man feels like he has the cheat code to romance. He’ll make you feel like the only girl in the world and give you his undivided attention for the time being. For him, it’s all about the hunt.

Once he’s conquered his quest, he’s on to the next one. Additionally, he can get away with flirting with multiple women since he’s quite charming. He always has a crowd of women around him. He’s a great storyteller and knows how to keep their attention.

  1. He’s Secretive

He never shares anything about his personal life. It almost feels like you’re dating a CIA agent. He’s quick to change the subject when you ask about his family or friends. He keeps you in the dark about the people in his life to avoid being exposed as a serial dater.

However, every bad guy seems to have a sad story about his childhood, which they don’t shy away from sharing. The only thing you know about him is his traumatic childhood experiences. This is his amour and excuse for being emotionally unavailable.

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  1. He’s Selfish

Bad guys have an inflated ego and a false sense of self-worth. They consider themselves above everyone hence contributing to their narcissistic (self-centred) behaviour. It’s always about them regardless of who is in the wrong. They manage to play the victim in every situation and don’t even acknowledge your feelings or their mistakes.

Somehow, you end up apologizing for feeling the way that you do. They also never spend enough time with you. You’re always the one asking to spend time together, and whenever you make plans, they cancel most of the time.

  1. He’s Cold

Despite their irresistible charm, bad guys tend to be emotionally unavailable. When it comes to deep issues in a relationship such as family, commitment, and insecurities, they’re unsupportive and don’t have the emotional intelligence to deal with them.

They prefer the fun stuff, and conversations with them are mostly superficial. Since relationships are the last thing on their mind, they don’t invest their emotions in you. This could make their partner feel confused and sad.

  1. He’s a Partyholic

A bad guy is not just a partyholic; he’s the life of the party. He goes out every weekend and every other chance he gets. His idea of a date is a couple of drinks at the club. It also seems like the party doesn’t start until he steps in the place.

He knows everyone on the building from the bouncer to the waitresses. His charm allows him to work a crowd effortlessly. Parties are an opportunity for him to flirt with women and show off his prowess to his friends.

Nnne, does your guy possesses some of those characteristics mentioned above?

Then, BEWARE!!!

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