Jeremy Camp – These Days Mp3 Download, Video & Lyrics

Jeremy Camp – These Days Mp3 Download, Video & Lyrics. One of the leading artists on the contemporary Christian scene, Jeremy Camp has gained a sizable fan following for his passionate, well-crafted rock songs and heartfelt testimonies of faith in spite of life’s obstacles.

Camp was born on January 12, 1978, in Lafayette, Indiana, where his father was the pastor of the town’s Harvest Chapel church and taught his son to play guitar.

After completing high school, Camp attended bible college in Southern California and developed a keen interest in music, influenced by the likes of U2, Jars of Clay, Delirious?, and Creed.

Song Reviews;

  1. Thank you for the song. I am Nina, I live in Ukraine. You probably know that Russia attacked us and we have a war. This war is not only external, but also internal, because fear, doubts and despair enter the soul. You have to constantly fight to win. Thank you that Jesus is with us, that the Holy Spirit gives strength, that many brothers and sisters pray and support us.
  2. Jeremy, thank you for taking time to make the playlist for Hope. We met you at the Fest and it was life changing. May God bless you and your family. Wonderful song.
  3. I am so glad songs like these are still being made by artists with the intent to make inspiration through their music and spreading it everyone. Another awesome one, thanks Jeremy Camp!
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Artist Name: Jeremy Camp

Song Title: These Days

Year Released: 2024

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These days my heart’s always on the run

These days the world’s spinning out of control, oh

These days are fast and they’re furious

Feels like the worst is ahead of us, oh, oh

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Sometimes it’s hard to feel at home, but

I believe that you and I

Are in the right place at the right time

God called us by name

And He doesn’t make mistakes

I know we were born to shine bright

In a dark world that needed some light

Don’t have to be afraid

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Maybe we were made

For these days

What if the beauty isn’t crushed?

It just needs the hope that’s inside of us, oh, oh

What if it’s more than a destiny?

What if we’re part of a masterpiece? Oh, oh

Until our Father brings us home

To stand when it gets hard

To love with open arms

It’s something to embrace

Maybe we were made for these days