Jackson Dean – Fearless (The Echo)

Jackson Dean – Fearless (The Echo) Mp3 Download. Jackson Dean Nicholson is an American talented country music singer and songwriter. He signed to Big Machine Records in 2021 and has charted with the singles “Don’t Come Lookin'” and “Fearless”.

Song Review;

  1. Who else shed some tears at the end? Must have played this song over a dozen times already just this morning thinking about my late wife and having to raise our children with only our Lord’s help. I know you’re waiting for us in Heaven sweetheart but all in God’s timing. I love you still.
  2. I heard this song for the first time this past two days ago. I have been playing it nonstop ever since . His voice, the lyrics, and the music is so good, so beautifully haunting, emotional, and catchy. It moves me and I want to hear more from him. And this video, different and touching.
  3. I absolutely love this guy’s voice….. Every since I have ever listened to him….. Every song he puts out is amazing. Great job God bless you and your family.
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Artist Name: Jackson Dean

Song Title: Fearless (The Echo)

Year Released: 2022

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