Is Yoga At Home Effective?

Is yoga at home Effective? The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our lives in a number of ways. However, the lock down imposed to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus, specially last year, has also given us more time with our families, and more opportunities for togetherness.

As you use this period to reclaim your family time through yoga, this is also one of the many ways that you can ensure your health and the health of your loved ones.

By sharing the practice of yoga at home with your family, you stand to gain better relationships with your family members.

Yoga can bring the family closer through the practices of asanas (An asana is a body posture, originally and still a general term for a sitting meditation pose), pranayama (Pranayama is the formal practice of controlling the breath, which is the source of our prana, or vital life force) and mediation.

There is something suitable for everyone- from physical practice to mind and breathing exercises to increasing our devotion.

Yoga also provides many other physical and mental benefits, including increased flexibility, strength, stamina, better immunity, calmness, elimination of stress, increased focus and more.

Ahead of International Yoga Day, which is celebrated on June 21, learn some incredible benefits of daily yoga practice with your family.

Is Yoga At Home Effective?

Unity is power

Families are the perfect source of joy and comfort even on a bad day. And when you add yoga to the equation, it provides an inspired way to connect with your family.

Yoga builds trust and intimacy with all the fun that you may have on the yoga mat.

Even on those days when you are feeling particularly sluggish, your family is there to get you going. With such a loving incentive for your practice, you will stay bonded to one another through this united activity.

Bond gets better

Communication is what makes or breaks any relationship, and yoga with your family is a great way to lay the foundation for beautiful communication.

This leads to the learning that differences can bring you even closer. Improve your understanding of each other by sharing the art of yoga through honesty and openness.

Appreciate your family

Breath forms a very important part of yoga whether in asanas, pranayama or meditation. When you learn to understand the mind-body connection, this is through the awareness of breath.

Appreciation for your breath means that you are grateful to be alive. Share this joy for life with those closest to you. This will strengthen the connection with your family, developing harmony and peace into your relationship.

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Healthy space

When it comes to practicing yoga with others, you learn a great deal about boundaries, whether it’s your own or others. Yoga at home will help you set new rules that are mutually beneficial.

When you have healthy boundaries and space for communication, it leads to respect and shapes a positive relationship.

Grow together

The yoga mat is a space meant for your evolution and growth. Families are those people who have your best interest at heart and wish for your well-being and success.

Yoga is also focused on improving and building yourself. Thus, this gives you the perfect opportunity to motivate, support and encourage each other.

Yoga brings out your strengths, and weaknesses so you are allowing all this to be witnessed by your family.

This is a solid foundation for trust and intimacy to grow as you invest in helping one another. How you do this on your yoga mat could very well be reflected once you step off it and live your daily life.

Yoga can improve the quality of your relationship by increasing togetherness and understanding.

It offers a fun, healthy and productive way to explore your own potential even as you discover a more meaningful bond with your family.

It is important for families to take a break from their monotonous routines and have fun together. Therefore, it is always beneficial to spend quality time in this way through the divine art of yoga.

It will create many memories and have an important effect on your family’s experience.

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