Pressure High As WHO Sends Team Of Experts To China, To Know How COVID-19 “Jumped Between Animals And Humans”

WHO is dispatching a team of scientists to China this weekend, to look into the origins of the Covid-19 virus. This had been a long-standing demand from various nations, and the reputation of the World Health Organisation seems to be on the line with this probe.

Speaking at a press conference, WHO director-general Tedros Ghebreyesus said, “Two WHO experts are en route to China to meet with fellow scientists, and learn about the progress made in understanding the animal reservoir for COVID-19 and how the disease jumped between animals and humans.”

This has come just a day after America formally decided to withdraw from the world health body. President Trump has not minced words in branding WHO as a “puppet of China”, helping Beijing cover up the origins of Covid-19.

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However, the American pullout doesn’t take effect till next year, and there is a realistic possibility of the exit being reversed. The probe is being seen as one such step to mollify dissent.

The inquiry will begin with a ‘scoping mission’, and look at how animals host COVID-19 and how it is transferred to humans. The team consists of an epidemiologist and an animal health expert, who will collaborate with their Chinese counterpart to explore the origins and transmission of the virus.

As expected, China has taken the lead to claim that it invited WHO experts to investigate the virus. The first outbreak was officially detected in January, and there have been repeated calls for a deeper probe into the origins of the disease.

However, the WHO team that visited China in February had only praises to offer, for its efforts in the war against Covid-19.


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