Is Sex During This Coronavirus Pandemic Safe? -

Is Sex During This Coronavirus Pandemic Safe?

So far there is no evidence of the coronavirus getting transmitted sexually. The virus primarily spread through respiratory droplets. But is there any risk associated with having sex at this time? Read on to know the answer –

People are compelled to stay at home and practice social distancing due to coronavirus outbreak. But keeping distance from your partner with whom you share the home and bed is something that is near to impossible. When you are close to each other, sex becomes irresistible.

Then there comes the concern – Is it safe to have sex during this time of coronavirus pandemic? What are the risks associated with intimacy at this difficult time? How to have safe sex at this time? And so on … Read on to clear all your doubts.

Does Coronavirus Transmit Sexually?

So far there is no case or evidence of the coronavirus getting transmitted sexually. The virus primarily spread through respiratory droplets and touching contaminated surfaces.

While Covid-19 is not transmitted via either vaginal or anal intercourse, there is a problem though. You may have to skip kissing, as the virus can be transmitted via saliva.

So, if you or your partner is a Covid-19 case or suspected, experts suggest maintaining distance as much as possible. Forget about sex, you should avoid close physical encounter and keep a distance of at least six feet.

This restriction should continue until you/your partner are clear of the symptoms. The restriction applies to oral sex also, since it involves your mouth and saliva.

Sex Is Perfectly Fine Sans (without) Symptoms

Good news is that the above sexual restriction doesn’t apply to people who don’t have COVID-19 symptoms. They are fit to indulge in romantic activities while they are quarantined at home.

It is OK to have sex if you and your sexual partner don’t have any coronavirus related symptoms, likely exposure. In fact, sex could be a great way to have fun, rekindle romance, and strengthen your relationship.

Indulging in romantic activities may also help you stay connected and relieve anxiety during this stressful time. But make sure to keep your intimacy act within your own household.

Those uninfected and staying at home, but without a partner, can explore other useful ways of expressing eroticism like sexting, video calls, reading erotica and good old masturbation.

Nwa nne’m, STAY SAFE….

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