Is Sex During Pregnancy Safe In Nigeria? -

Is Sex During Pregnancy Safe In Nigeria?

Is sex during pregnancy safe in Nigeria? Sex during pregnancy is not dangerous. It is generally believed, especially here in Nigeria, that you must abstain or stay away from sex when you are pregnant as it can be harmful for both you and your baby.

But experts suggest otherwise.

A study at Ohio State University Medical Center says that the widely held belief that engaging in sexual intercourse during the final weeks of pregnancy can hasten labour and delivery is pure rubbish. Researchers say that just the opposite was true in 93 women studied at the Medical Center.

Women who were sexually active in the final three weeks of their pregnancies carried their babies an average of 39.9 weeks, compared to average delivery at 39.3 weeks among women who abstained from sexual activity at term.

They also add that patients may continue to hear the ‘old wives’ tale’ that intercourse will hasten labour, but according to this data, they should not hear it from the medical community.

An active and healthy sex life is important even during pregnancy. It works to boost your intimacy and it will bring you and your partner even closer.

Having sex is safe but still you may want to play it safe. Here are a few things to keep in mind while having sex during pregnancy in Nigeria.

Use Protection

This will offer protection from sexually transmitted diseases. But if your partner is disease-free, you may want to do away with this precaution except during the last two months of pregnancy.

This is because semen contains prostaglandins, and this can induce uterine contractions and cause premature birth. So, insist on the use of condoms during this time.

Find A Comfortable Position

Well, your belly is practically huge, and it may be difficult to find a position where you are comfortable. You can try out different positions to find out what’s comfortable for you during this time. Being on top may work for you as can being on your side. This will take the pressure off your uterus.

Be Aware Of Contractions

Some contractions may be normal after sex. Wait for a few minutes for it to pass. If it gets stronger even after 10 to 15 minutes, call your doctor.

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