Is Frozen Food Harming Your Health? -

Is Frozen Food Harming Your Health?

Is frozen food harming your health? In this fast-moving life, we might often come across situations when buying groceries could end up being a tedious task for us.

To counter this issue, stocking up on frozen food might look like a better and easier alternative.

Due to the convenience factor and the varieties of frozen foods available in the market, the prominence of frozen foods is growing by each passing day.

The question about the healthiness of frozen foods might often pop up in our heads. It is reasonable to enquire about the food one consumes.

However, let us break the debate down and try to solve the conflict.

Frozen Food – Is It Healthy?

Some might debate that frozen foods can contain as many nutrients as that in fresh foods due to the advancement in science and technology which offers an effective method to freeze and store food.

While this may be correct to some extent, it all boils down to one question – which one of the two is healthier?

While it is true that some nutrients are lost after freezing of food, it is a consequence contributed by various factors such as harvesting and processing. Frozen foods are better in terms of CONVENIENCE.

However, in terms of HEALTHINESS, you may want to refrain from over or regular consumption of frozen foods as they may contain reduced nutrient content and added preservatives.

Reasons To Consume Fresh Food

Fresh foods are a subject to losing nutrients on storage as well. However, if consumed fresh, they can offer several benefits.

Is frozen food harming your health? Here is why you must consume more fresh food instead of frozen food:

  1. Retained Nutrients: Fresh foods contain more nutrient content than frozen food as they do not go through an extended period of storing and processing. When consumed ripe and fresh, these foods can do wonders to the health and add taste to the food.
  2. Offer Varieties: Although there are several options available in the frozen food market, fresh foods offer a wider range of food varieties that can be consumed. One of the popular examples includes food with high water content.
  3. Inexpensive Affair: As the market is capitalizing on people’s growing demand for frozen foods, fresh foods can be a cheaper and healthier alternative to expensive frozen foods.
  4. Weight Management: Fresh food contains more fibre and antioxidant content as compared to frozen foods. This can promote improved metabolism, thereby giving way to effective weight management.
  5. Free Of Preservatives: Varieties of frozen foods available in the market often contain added preservatives. Consumption of the same regularly can cause harm to the body. Fresh foods, on the other hand, are all-natural.

In summary however, both frozen and fresh foods are subject to certain pros and cons. If CONVENIENCE is a contributing factor, opting for frozen food does not seem like a bad option.

However, one must ensure to read labels before buying and try to include more fresh foods in their diet because, at the end of the day, fresh foods are definitely a HEALTHIER option.

Is frozen food harming your health? Drop your comments below.

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