Is Dettol Good For Body Wash? -

Is Dettol Good For Body Wash?

Is Dettol good for body wash? Dettol is a safe and gentle antiseptic and can also be used as a household disinfectant. It is proven effective against germs (Bacteria and Fungi) such as E.coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Staph aureus,  E.hirae (Enterococcus hirae), Vibrio cholera, Candida albicans.

This versatile and trusted Dettol product provides all-round individual and family protection against germs and has been recommended by medical professionals for generations now.

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Dettol has been used for multiple occasions such as;

First aid for washing areas affected by cuts, bites, abrasions, insect bites and stings.

Surface cleaning for disinfecting floors and hard surfaces.

Laundry for sanitizing napkins, undergarments and clothes, but is Dettol good for body wash?

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Dettol Kill Germs

The skin protects the body from being excessively exposed to germs that could be carried in the air, or transferred via physical touch.

Bacteria are most likely to spread and grow on surfaces that are particularly warm or moist, whereas a virus would need a host in order to thrive.

Often in our daily lives and hustle we pick up and transfer bacteria without even thinking twice about it, this is how disease is being spread.

Also, shaking hands with friends, opening a tap, typing on someone else’s keyboard, or even just sitting on the public vehicle or bike to school and work place are all ways in which we transfer and pick up bacteria without even noticing.

Therefore, by using Dettol, you can effectively break the chain of infection caused by these germs lurking in the most unexpected of places.

For Hygiene Body Wash

Are you aware that the skin is the body’s largest organ, Covering the surface of the body and acting as a barrier or filter of sorts against germs and disease?

Like mentioned above, germs can pass through physical contact with other people, contact with regularly touched surfaces (such as taps or door handles), or even by breathing in contaminated air.

Germs can also pass through contaminated food or water, or untreated cuts and other injuries.

Skin that is not kept clean is also likely to produce a body odour, and can restrict the skin’s natural ability to heal too.

For these reasons, it is important to wash with Dettol that will not only combat all germs, but also keep skin soft and healthy.

Dettol Controls Body Odour

Body odour is caused by a build-up of bacteria on a specific region of the body.

This build-up of bacteria can be increased by body heat or even body hairs that keep the bacteria in place, and allow the bacteria to grow and thrive.

For these reasons, armpits are often the most affected area on the body, and should be kept clean and as fresh as possible.

Washing with Dettol daily can help eliminate these odours, but shaving armpit hair and using deodorant is also advised in order to get odours down to an absolute minimum.

Deodorants of the roll-on type are particularly effective at combatting odours.

It Maintains Good pH Balance On Skin

It is important to maintain the skin’s natural pH level (the level of acid and alkaline or base) because it is what keeps the skin properly hydrated and elastic, while also assisting in speeding up the healing process of cuts or bruises.

If the pH level of the skin is too drastically disturbed by a soap that is too alkaline or too acidic, it could negatively affect the skin by drying it out and even making fine lines and wrinkles appear more visible.

The reason why Dettol is a particularly trusted brand of body wash to use is because it maintains the pH balance of the skin, and even has moisturizer in its body wash formula, ensuring that the skin is always hydrated and not only looking, but also feeling healthy.

Dettol is believed to manage neutralize the alkalinity of the skin effectively while also maintaining its natural predominantly acidic pH balance.

It Helps To Maintain Germ-Free Surface

Dettol is specifically aimed at not only cleaning the surface area of the body, but also protecting against germs.

That is exactly what Dettol does: killing 99.9% of germs, meaning there is less for you to worry about.

By washing your body or clothes with Dettol, you combat the entire negative effects of poor hygiene such as the above-mentioned odours, infections, and spreading of diseases.

Direction For Use;

Use one capful (13.5ml) to about 2.7litres bath water. Remember not for use if;

  • You’re pregnant
  • Breastfeeding
  • Children under the age of one year
  • You’re allergic to Dettol itself.

Side Effects Of Dettol: Is Dettol good for body wash?

Dettol liquid containing about 4.8% Chloroxylenol, Pine oil, Isopropyl, Alcohol, a common household disinfectant, can cause central nervous system depression and corrosion of the oral mucosa, larynx and the gastrointestinal tract.

Therefore, avoid contact with eye, nose, ears, mouth or other body orifices. If by any mistake you ingest Dettol, quickly wash mouth, drink plenty of clean water or milk and seek for medical attention.

Remember, DO NOT SWALLOW DETTOL to avoid complications.

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