Is Custard Good For Babies?

Is custard good for babies? The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that a mother feeds her baby exclusively with breast milk for at least six months after birth.Breast milk contains the most important nutrient needed for growth and development of a child. After six month, a parent can start to include other solid or thicker foods in the baby’s menu.

And some of the foods usually introduced to a child are Akamu or pap, puree or custard.

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Custard is very similar to Akamu or pap. It is derived from processed maize. However, the custard is industrially processed and it’s not that easy to process at hoe like Akamu or pap.

Custard can be taken by babies who have not yet grown teeth and it has become a staple food for babies. It can be prepared thick or light depending on your desired choice.

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Also, custard comes in variety of colours and flavors which makes it an ideal and interesting meal for babies.

In addition, it can also be spiced up with other foods such as beverages, soya beans (my favorite) and ginger.

However, custard is a culinary food made from blended eggs, and milk or cream. The coagulation of the egg proteins is how the custard thickens, and this is achieved by a gentle heating.

The development of your baby comes with the development of their food. In a nutshell, your baby’s fantasy with liquid diets like breast milk and other similar things ends once they exceed six (6) months of age.

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In the journey to the following months of your baby’s life, there’s a need to gravitate towards solid foods, and custard is one amazing inclusion in the list.

But are there health benefits of taking custard?

Health Benefits Of Custard

  1. It is a good source of protein
  2. It contains calcium – a formidable element for bone health
  3. It supplies extra energy and fat
  4. It counters fatigue
  5. It enhances eye health
  6. It reduces the risks of cancer
  7. It reduces the risks of arthritis
  8. It maintains brain health
  9. It keeps skin glowing and from aging
  10. It prevents anemia
  11. It makes you to relax and boost your immune system.

Is Custard Good For Six (6) Months Old Baby?

Generally, it is not recommended that your baby takes custard, like any other solid food when they are less than six months of age.

But once they clock six months, it is very okay to give them custard.

I know most mom wants to know if they can give their babies custard at six months. The answer is BIG YES. Babies can have custard at from 6 months upwards.

Custard is beneficial to your baby’s growth. It enhances eyesight, maintains brain health, and lots more.

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There are different types of custard such as Banana custard, oats custard, Hollandia custard, Checkers custard, Birds custard, vanilla custard, Heinz custard, and Ambrosia custard etc.

Choose the best one for you and your baby.

Can Babies Have Custard Powder?

Few foods are as ideal for babies as custard powder. Custards come with all the nutrients your baby needs for a healthy development, not just physically, but also mentally.

Unless your baby is below six months of age, there’s no real reason why he cannot take custard powder.

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