Is Amosun’s Hospital Using and Dumping Workers? -

Is Amosun’s Hospital Using and Dumping Workers?

The community hospital where the former governor of Ogun State, Senator Ibikunle Amosun was given birth to has been alleged of using and dumping workers because its management cannot meet up with salaries owed. Comprehensive Healthcare Center which was renovated and currently being managed by a private body Trinita has been alleged to be owing its workers four months salaries and as a result, its nurses and doctors have been leaving the hospital without being paid.

Reports gathered from a source (an employee who spoke under anonymity) that they have been owned four months and are been denied of their sweat every time they go there for their money. As a result of the development, the Clinical Director, Dr Simbo Davidson also left the Clinic staff quarters and relocated to Laderin Estate which is distance from the hospital. She has been alleged to have formed a habit of blocking any worker who requests for his/her salary on WhatsApp platform. The report also gathered that the same doctor, who is also in charge of Agricare Patients had moved her things and some patients to another hospital in Abeokuta.

Some of the workers told PM News correspondent that every time they called the Medical Director, Dr Matthew Emmanuel Oluseyi who claimed to have spent over N70million in renovating the hospital, he would tell them he is not aware the hospital is owing workers and does not know what is happening in the hospital. According to PM News findings, the hospital now hires workers for Locum Service (hourly Payment) with the hospital still unable to pay as it is still owing the workers payment for three weeks. Reacting to the allegations, Dr Simbo who spoke with PM News correspondent in a phone interview denied the allegations and claimed to have paid all workers in September and that the hospital is not owing anybody.

She also denied relocating to another hospital while she confirmed that she is running a relationship program with the Federal Medical Center, Abeokuta in other to boast their hospital service. The Medical Director, Dr Oluseyi on his part, claimed he is not aware the hospital is owing or even running a locum service.

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