I have been in several relationships before now to the extent that people now know me with resique lifestyle or impressions. I have dated so many or different age bracket of ladies in my lifetime. Some of them are just above eighteen years old, some between twenty to twenty-five and majority of them are very close to their thirty but only few of them are above thirty years of age.

Among these ladies are those in black complexion, chocolate, fair and charming. Some among them are school- leavers, undergraduate and some of them are working class ladies. But a day came in my life when I decided to call it a quit and concentrate on my personal development. During this very critical period, I met three distinctive and unique ladies separately. The first person I met, after some conversation, told me that her name is LOVE, the second I met said her name to be WEALTH and the last lady refers herself as TRUST.

For the fact that they are unique and engaging, losing any of them is nearly unthinkable. So I decided to have a separate date with each one of them at a particular time and with a very straight-forward question to ask each one of them. On my first date, it happened to be with the one known as LOVE because I believe once that love is found in her, that I’m satisfied. On that particular day I asked her “what will be your reaction if I happen to break your heart”? She eloquently replied and said “You know I’m love and I’m meant to be where people love me and respect me but if you break my heart, I will leave you alone and will only return if you made up your mind to love me back again”. I smiled at her wise reply!!!

On the second date with WEALTH, I asked her same question and she replied and said to me “You know I’m wealth that people seek after and I don’t stay where people don’t regard my present and value me. But if that happens, I will definitely return to you when you value and tirelessly seek for me”. Then finally to the very one known as TRUST. When I asked her same question, she smiled at me and said “You know that I’m not an option but if that happens I will go and will never come back to you again”.

Nwaoke m, these “fundamental elements” are not actually ladies as I initially portrayed it to be instead they are lifestyles that define us as human being. Love and wealth may go or leave your lives today but will come back to you again only with time. However, the trust people or your loved ones have for you may not actually return to you again. My dear, one good turn deserves another and Aristotle ones said “Money and honour does not actually do our life good but those things that maximize our faculties as a human being”. Trust is one of them and don’t let it to be lost!!!

Written by Oduigwe Chidera Dok.

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