I Just Said Yes By Oduigwe Chidera Dok

There is a common saying that “what you seek for always become yours.” When a lady “says yes” to a man’s marriage proposal, he becomes her husband. You must say yes to that thing before it becomes yours. Although, saying yes is not actually verbal alone, but your actions, prayers, intentions, commitment, hardworking, your personality and finance too must be involved in synergy.

If your finance is involved for that particular goal but your commitment is far behind that goal, then it may likely be hard to become yours. However, if you “say yes” to that very thing you desire, then you need to commit whatever is necessary and available in order to achieve that goal.

If I may ask; what do you “say yes” to? Is it, personal development, marriage, finance, business, education, promotions, success, change of lifestyle, or that heart desire? “Say yes” to it and see it become yours through your dedication, will and motivation.


Remember, you have to first conceive it before it becomes yours. You must first believe your instinct towards your desire or dreams. As for me, Oduigwe Chidera Dok, I “said yes” for peace, healthy lifestyle, love, self-development, respect, success, understanding, transformation, prosperity and love for mankind.

Meanwhile, it’s very important to realize that saying “yes” requires your patience and time in order for it to materialize.

Your “yes” may take years before it becomes a reality, it may involve challenges, being in new vista, taking risk, changing relationship, decision making, or adopting a new lifestyle.

It also requires personal resolutions, as your “yes” must cost you something tangible.

Your sleep may be at stake, your finance may be dealt with, your ego may be crushed, your reputation may diminished, your educational background may be worthless at that moment, your integrity and capacity may be weighed, your heart may be pierced along the journey, but one thing is sure, when there is a WILL there is always a WAY.

Honestly, your “yes” for that dream you are pursuing will not fail you, just “say yes” and see God make the way………….

From: Oduigwe, Chidera Dok

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