I grew up in a family where my parents laid a very good foundation at the onset of their marriage for just others. They believed in future and they also believed that one day or at some point, those who made it through them may likely lay a better foundation for others and their forthcoming children. This means that they gave almost all in order to support people in their various needs.

They did all these with the understanding that somebody may appreciate their kind gesture with courtesy. They kept doing the way they do even after giving birth to their seven (7) children. That lifestyle became part and parcel of them, and some of their children picked it up from them.

However, when the responsibilities of their family starts to accumulate and they have exhausted almost all their available resources in building other home, they were astonished to realise that no single mmadu (person) is there for their rescue. They have now lost their relevance in the community and among the seven (7) children they had, only one struggled to be a graduate. Their children are well-known in the street and that was the summary of the path my parents choose and executed. They invested whole-heartedly to people and on things that doesn’t actually care to invest back on them. Though they were not forgotten by their creator but for me, it seems like there is love lost.

They acknowledged mutual acts without realizing that the society does not actually operate like that. They didn’t believe that you can give without receiving, neither do they had in mind that you are most times directly opposite of who you really are to people. Although I share some of their qualities but I came to realize that “Things fall apart” and people will always do what they do, and that is why whenever I remember those ugly scenarios, I thought there is no love anymore.

Whenever I recall some painful betrayal and abuse, I’m forced to shake head with full conviction that there is no love. When I remember how people pay good deeds with evil, tears of sorrow flows down my cheeks. When I recount on lives been lost via hatred, I confess to myself that there is no love.

If I may ask; where is the love when you intentionally forsake your parents, siblings and friends? When you returned to them attitude in place of gratitude, where is the love? When people that voted for you are living like street beggars and your kids, who doesn’t know anything called PVC, are there in foreign land living large at the expense of street beggars, is this love? Tell me, where is it?

Honestly for me, with all these things happening around every day, I forgot how to love because human love is likened to that of vampire, when they draw close to you the rest will definitely be story for the god’s. Eziokwu (sincerely) I forgot how to love, can you remind me?

From: Oduigwe Chidera Dok .

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