How You Can Entertain Yourself While You Practice Social Distancing -

How You Can Entertain Yourself While You Practice Social Distancing

The coronavirus pandemic and its repercussions have really changed everyone’s lives. People have come to realise that life is not to be taken for granted, and have understood the value of small things – like being able to step out of their house, and do whatever they want, whenever they want.

Netizens (internet users) are having a good time with all the memes and videos they are creating, but people are also realising their responsibility towards the nation and the world, and the need for social distancing in order to avoid the spread of the virus.

However, medical experts all over the globe have advised people to practice social distancing irrespective of the day or mandate, and below are a few tips to entertain yourself, and keep yourself occupied.

3 tips to entertain yourself as you practice social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic

Staying at home all day can be quite boring, even if you are working from home. Here are some tips to entertain yourself, and keep yourself occupied as you and your family practice social distancing.

Learn a new choreography/ tune to play/cooking or skill

If you are into music, or playing instruments, or just love dancing, this may be the perfect time to learn new choreography, or a new tune on your musical instrument, or practice singing a song.

With our regular routine, we become so occupied that we rarely find time for a hobby. Music and dance can make you feel instantly better and will help you keep the stress and anxiety you may be feeling, at bay. Also of great importance is learning a new skill.

It might be baking, tailoring, new language, or any other skill you love doing that adds value to your well-being.

Board games

We all remember a time when board games were a huge part of our lives, and we also miss it, to a very great extent. As you find yourself spending so much time at home with family, passing some time while playing an old-school board game is the perfect way to keep yourself entertained.

Make new rules, switch up teams, or reward the winning team to make it even more fun.

Connect with your family and friends

While it may not be possible to meet up with your family and friends as we stay indoors, this is probably the time for which social media and smartphones were invented.

Use technology to stay connected with friends and family through calls and messages. This will help them stay assured that you are safe, and will also give you time for the long-awaited catching up.

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