Pets, especially dogs, are like family to so many of us but even those pets we hold near and dear to us can become agitated or aggressive when circumstances change or when they are afraid. However, a dog bite can lead to rabies or tetanus infection and when this happens, an immediate medical care is required when the bite is from a dog that has or might have rabies. Bite wounds from dogs can range from minor to life-threatening and need to be treated quickly to prevent infection or traumatic complications.

Meanwhile, symptoms of infection include redness, swelling, increased pain and oozing, and a doctor should look at these symptoms right away. The following are some tips to prevent against Dog bite;

  1. Never leave a baby or small child alone with a dog. Even if you feel your dog is the most mild-tempered pet, there is always the possibility that something could happen. Always keep the child with you or put the dog in a confined area.
  2. Pets need space and they are possessive of their items, especially food and toys. Having a secure, kid-free zone for your pet to relax, regroup and unwind will lower the chance of a bite happening. Also important is to teach your children to respect animals by providing your pet with this space and time alone.
  3. Keep dogs on a leash when outdoors. You never know how a dog will react around strangers or other dogs, even a dog you know very well. In addition to this, other people may not want to be approached by your dog. This protects both your pet and people.
  4. Teach your child to always ask a pet’s owner before petting or approaching an unknown pet. This is a good habit that could prevent injuries or negative experiences with dogs or other animals.
  5. Another good habit to teach is to never stick hands through a fence into a dog’s territory. My dear if you like your fingers, don’t even try doing such.
  6. If you see a stray or wounded dog or any animal wondering your neighborhood, never approach it. The best thing to do is contact people around you for any useful support.

Concerning any critical condition, please consult your doctor for medical advice.


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