How to Talk to Your Younger Boys And Girls About Sexual Assault to Prevent Sexual Abuse?

Sexual assault may be a hot topic right now, but it is something we should talk to our peers, our children and those vulnerable all the time. If you have kids and younger siblings, it is essential to speak to them as early as possible in an appropriate way.

Of course, awkwardness would be a part when you talk of anything sexual in nature, but you do not want to avoid this fundamental issue. These tips will help you bring up sexual safety with the boys and girls you care.

Talk about Boundaries

From an early age, it is essential to explain to children that their private parts are not for touch. Explain to them the difference between private and shameful and teach them to say ‘no’ to unwanted physical contact.

Model Appropriate Touching

Sometimes kids and younger adults need models to understand what appropriate touching looks like. Be a model and show them what and which way is it okay to touch their bodies.

Persist Even If They Resist the Topic

It is okay if your friends, siblings or daughters feel uncomfortable to talk about sexual assault with you. You can drop the discussion now, and bring it up later.

Young people have questions about sex, so remember if they are not discussing it with you, they are sharing it with someone else. Be persistent!

Use Current Events as a Conversation Starter

If you are watching the news with the younger ones, and sexual assault is being discussed, ask what they think about that. Do not be dismissive of current news and stories that address sexual assault.

Use them as a teaching and learning experience.

Emphasise Safe Socialising

Instead of digging out their outings with peers, ask them to analyse if it is safe to be in such a situation? Urge them always to keep safety first when making plans with peers.

In the end, share your story. Talk to them about incidents when someone tried to hurt you or take your advantage. Make sure that you are not blaming or shaming yourself either when you are sharing your story.

Stay safe, stay fit and be alive…….

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